Satisfy all the requirements of your next SMART Building project

Niagara 4 Controllers

One Sightsolutions are the first and largest Tridium partner in the UK. We stock an unrivaled range of Niagara 4 controllers from the likes of Tridium themselves, Phoenix Contact, iSMA and more. Including the Tridium JACE 8000, iSMA MAC36 controllers and Phoenix ILC 2050.
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Jace 8000
isma mac36
Phoenix Contact ILC
Niagara edge 10
Distech Controls EC BOS 8
isma mac36 nl rs

IO Modules

Expand your BMS with our extensive range of IO Modules. On a small or large scale, and BACnet or Modbus, we have solutions that meet every requirement. Including the Tridium IO R 16 and 34 modules for JACE 8000 expansion, iSMA Mix & Mini series and the exclusive OSS-20.
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jace io r modules
isma mix 38
isma mini 8i
isma mix 18
isma mix 38 ip
isma 4i4o h

Niagara 4 Drivers

Our exclusive Niagara 4 Drivers can take your SMART Building integration to the next level. From API’s and FTP modules, through to N4 to AX Drivers giving you ultimate flexibility in choosing the best solution for your SMART Building.
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niagara 4 api
niagara 4 ftp
niagara 4 history export
Niagara 4 drivers
Niagara REST API server

Touch Screens

We stock a range of high quality and cost effective displays to meet your SMART Building requirements. Whether you want to display energy monitoring in cabinets or a graphics viewer for web servers, we have the solution for you.
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touch screen display
touch screen display
isma touch screen
Phoenix Contact display
isma touch screen
phoenix contact display

Fan Coil & HVAC Control

Better manage your HVAC and Room Comfort with our stock of programmable Fan Coil Units and Application Controllers, supporting a range of communications, including BACnet, Modbus and Modbus MSTP. Our range of controllers include the FCU-HH, FCU-LL and FCU-HL from iSMA, as well as the cost effective OSS-FC. Control all aspects of blinds, air temperature and beyond, from single controllers to wall fitted thermostats.
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isma RAC18-IP
isma touch point
Distech Controls ECB 650
isma FCU HH
Fan coil unit
isma fcu ll

Energy, Billing and Air Quality

Manage everything in one place. Our comprehensive Energy Management and Tenant Billing software enables you to completely monitor your SMART Building through a single pane of glass (SPOG).
energy management system
energy management system

From Niagara 4 controllers to I/O, through IoT Gateways and the software along the way, our products enable you to satisfy all the requirements of your next SMART Building project.

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