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Gain total Visibility & Control with Building Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring Software allows Building Managers to understand energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint

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Energy Management Systems Reduce Energy Consumption & Costs

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BEMS is a rapidly increasing market, with in-depth knowledge on your buildings energy consumption a significant player in achieving reduced energy consumption on the UK’s route to achieving ESG targets and Net Zero buildings by 2050.

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Benefits of Energy Management Systems for your BMS

In the UK, Building Management Systems are responsible for between 60-80% of total energy consumption in a building. Energy Management Systems are computer-based applications. By integrating EMS into your building, you gain vital knowledge of the energy that each of those BMS systems are using, and in turn the potential to make massive cost-saving decisions.

This software collects energy data on heating, ventillation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), lighting, power systems and more. Through regular commissioning and reporting, EMS provide clients with numerous opportunities to reduce energy consumption and operational costs.

Reduced Energy Consumption

EMS monitors and controls the use of energy within a variety of building types by maintaining an optimal balance

Reduce Costs

Energy Management Systems can control up to 80% of a buildings energy consumption, this can provide significant financial benefits as well as an improved environment

Improved Credibility

Energy efficienct buildings improve a brands reputuation among potential key stakeholders, inventestors and consumers. It also helps achieve critical accreditiations for ESG targets

Hassle-free Maintenance

This software automatically produces and sends alarms on system issues, enabling users to act quickly to resolve them and reduce downtime or wasted energy use

Meter data, energy consumption & costs, tenant billing all in one place

EMS software that can integrate seamlessly into your BMS framework

Our solutions are based upon the Tridium Niagara Framework, which is a comprehensive software infrastructure that acts as a central console for connecting real-time operational data to the people and systems in smart buildings, data centers, industrial processes and smart cities. This open framework collects data from all of your separate BMS systems and devices, and normalises it into actionable controllable points in a single platform.

Applications & Data within EMS Software

Data Collection

Collect data from all types of data sources, import from a range of hardware in a variety of different formats


Present your data in a range of custom graphs, tables and dashboards (as shown in the image).

Automatic Reporting

Enables alarms to be configured to automatically report on anomalies in energy data over given periods of time

Energy Analysis

Perform broad analysis of energy data using a range of techniques, and create virtual meters for data aggregation and plant efficiency

Tenant Billing

Automatically manage the complete process of calculating energy consumption and billing sub-tenants across one or more sites

Financial Analysis

Analyse energy consumption costs. Supplier contracts can be stored against sites or meters and provide accurate analysis of current and historical data

Topology: Devices and Systems, straight into the EMS

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