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One Sightsolutions are the SMART Building technology partner you’ve been looking for! Our highly skilled team design, deliver and support cutting edge SMART Building solutions from end to end, controllers to cloud. We are Niagara 4 experts, that can help you deliver, from design stage through to customer handover.
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SMART Building Enablement

Cutting-edge SMART Building solutions! Niagara 4 experts, IoT hardware distributors and software development, all enabling you to achieve your SMART Enablement goals in making buildings Cloud & IoT Ready.

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IoT Hardware & Software

Embrace ‘open standards’ communication. From I/O, through IoT Gateways and the software along the way, our products enable you to satisfy all the requirements of your next SMART Building project.

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Training & Certification

Our 3x BCIA award winning live/instructor led ONLINE Tridium Niagara 4 training enables our customers to operate more efficiently, deliver fantastic projects, and deliver them faster!

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Industry leading Support

Our dedicated UK based support team are here to help our customers, online or by phone and will endeavor to help resolve any technical enquiry concerning our products, as efficiently as possible.

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As a Master Systems Integrator (MSI), OSS play a crucial role in many modern Smart Building projects.
It is the responsibility of the MSI to understand all of the multiple, separate building systems, and work to integrate each of those systems in a singular smart building solution. One Sightsolutions have a diverse range of areas that the business operates in, all which help support and enhance our role in this level of integration:
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Take control of the air in your school, office or commercial building to provide a safe, productive environment and optimise energy usage. After only a few minutes you’ll see live data on CO2, temperature, humidity, airborne chemicals, radon, light, occupancy, virus risk, mold risk and pressure.
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RAC18-IP & Touch Point

The ultimate comfort management solution

The iSMA RAC18-IP is a multifunctional device providing comfort in a single room or a zone in the building. he Touch Point is a modern comfort management wall panel with two most popular open communication protocols: Modbus RTU/ASCII and BACnet MS/TP.
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Integration Re-imagined

ossEasyAPI from One Sightsolutions enables any Tridium Niagara 4 system to quickly interface with almost anything that sports a HTTP/REST API. Desk monitoring, occupancy, air quality, weather and more… take your SMART Building to the next level.
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Free Tridium Niagara 4 Video Training, HOWTO Videos to help you get the best out of the Niagara Framework and new Product showcases!
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