Smart Building solutions

Smart Building solutions

Our highly skilled team design, deliver and support cutting-edge SMART Building and BMS integrations.
Enabling our clients to achieve their energy goals, reduce costs and provide a better space for occupants.

Tridium Niagara 4
Tridium Platinum Distributor

Tridium products, multi-award winning Niagara training and Niagara software development enabling you to deliver cutting-edge building integrations.

NEW Niagara Partner Program unlocking limitless benefits to System Integrators

Why Smart Buildings
Connected Systems & Devies enable optimisation

Smart enabled building control systems and IoT integration will have a significant impact on achieving reduced energy consumption on the UK’s route to achieving ESG targets and Net Zero buildings by 2050.

IoT Product Distributors
Niagara & BMS Hardware, Software and Training

Access to the widest range of Niagara compatible products on the market, with a solution for every use case.

Veea - Edge computing

Veea Hub: Containerised Niagara

VeeaHubs address the most important, challenging and ambitious target we have today in Net Zero by 2050. Niagara, LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, integrated & installed in a day, remotely monitored and managed for life.

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Trusted partner delivering award-winning Smart Buildings to clients across the UK

Niagara Partner Program: Unlocking exclusive Product, Integration & Training benefits for System Integrators
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Smart Building solutions, MSI & Product Distributor in the UK

Building Owners

Retrofitting with smart enabled building control systems and IoT integration will have a significant impact on achieving reduced energy consumption on the UK’s route to achieving ESG targets and Net Zero buildings by 2050. Our MSI team can help you achieve this.

Benefits to Building Owners

Facility Managers

Smart technology makes it possible to look closely at a buildings performance, and help Facility Managers identlify the information they need to drive positive change. Smart Buildings offer a proactive approach when it comes to performance, maintanence and experience.

Benefits to Facility Managers

System Integrators

We are the leading Tridium Platinum Distributor in the UK. Our vast experience integrating with the Niagara Framework, product selection and highly skilled IT developers means you can have access to the widest range of Niagara compatible products on the market.

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Smart Building technology adds numerous potential scopes and assets to a projects delivery. As an MSI, we improve performance, maintanence and experience of project delivery for main contractors across the UK, deliver projects faster and with reduced risk.

Benefits to Main Contractors


Our software that can help with data validation in Smart Enabled Projects, with asset manager and data validation tools inbuilt that provides improved data accuracy by reviewing smart enabled payloads against a set of validation tools. Understand your data and assets.

Benefits for Commissioning Teams

Building Systems seamlessly connected into a single centralised platform, unlocking energy, sustainability and wellbeing benefits:

Energy Monitoring & System Insights through a Single Pane of Glass

Real-time energy monitoring allowing you to detail where major energy consumption is being used, with visibility on all of your systems through easy intuitive dashboards

Reduce Energy Consumption & Costs

Reducing costs by optimising your energy management, across lighting, HVAC and power usage

Improved Maintenance Procedures

Increasing the use of data to perform predictive and remote maintenance across sites, reducing labour costs and down time

Safer Sustainable Spaces

Leveraging IoT to monitor traffic flows and indoor AQ to reduce abscences, promote healthier spaces and attract tenants

Increase Productivity & Occupant Wellbeing

Optimise occupant & employee environmental conditions such as light, temp and CO2 to work more efficiently

Open to New Technology

Having an open platform to adapt to future ESG targets, operational needs and new IoT systems seamlessly

IoT & BMS Products

Need a Tridium distributor?

One Sightsolutions are the first and largest Tridium partner in the UK, with a multi-vendor range of Niagara 4 products all under one roof.

One Sightsolutions supply an unrivalled range of IoT hardware & software to meet all requirements of the modern day Smart Building. From BMS Controllers to I/O, from Gateways to Niagara Drivers and the software along the way. Embrace open standards communication and take your building to the next level, all with the industry’s best in class support service.

Our Niagara Partner Program unlocks limitless benefits for System Integrators

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NEW Tridium JACE 9000 IoT Controller

Quad core, double the RAM and 4x storage

NEW RocketGX Niagara SVG Library

1857 Graphical assets for Niagara PX pages

Tridium JACE 8000 IoT Controller

IoT/BMS Controller running Niagara 4

iBuilding Energy Management Suite

Complete web-based Energy Management Suite

Phoenix Contact ILC 2050 Controller

Niagara 4 Controller with modular IO

iSMA MAC36NL IoT Controller

Niagara 4 Controller w/ 1x RS485 port

ossEasyAPI Driver for Niagara 4

Integrate Rest/Web API’s into Niagara 4

OSS 10″ Systemview Touch Screen

High speed, low cost w/ Google Android

iSMA Controlli MIX-38 IO Module

Equipped 8xUI, 12xDI, 6xAO, and 12xDO

Tridium IO-R 34 BMS Expansion

16xUI, 10xRO, 8xAO for JACE or EDGE

ossEasyHistoryExport for Niagara 4

Export meter data in under 10 minutes!

iSMA Controlli RAC18-IP Controller

HVAC, light & blind IP controller with 18 I/O


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Enhance your Niagara station

Exclusive Niagara drivers that overcome integration challenges and enhance productivity delivering projects

A NEW platform for better SMART Enablement through time savings & risk reduction. Promoting the use of standard tooling & open technology to ensure data integrity and ownership is maintained.

Developed by One Sightsolutions

Debut module coming soon:

Asset Manager

  • Real-time asset status dashboard

  • Import, categorise, monitor, export

  • QR code generation & lookup built in

  • Automated data validation & payload status

LoRaWAN Site Survey Kit

Our specially developed LoRaWan Site Survey Kit gives you the control and freedom to realise the potential of the LoRaWan solution on any site you visit. Featuring sensors, a gateway and a field test device, this simple to use kit will provide you with fast, accurate insights of your site.

  • Milesight UG65 Gateway – Cellular (External Antenna)

  • Milesight EM300 – TH Temperature and Humidity sensor

  • Elsys ERS Sensor

  • Adeunis Field Test device

  • Anker Power Bank – PowerCore III Elite

  • DSD Tech USB Type C to DC Power Cable

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