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Why choose One Sightsolutions?

We Design, Deliver and Support Award-winning Smart Building solutions

As an MSI, our highly skilled team enable you to deliver improved energy efficiency, health and sustainability

Trusted partner delivering award-winning Smart Buildings to clients across the UK

Master Systems Integrator (MSI) in the UK

Formed in 2008, we strive to meet the demands of UK System Houses, Building Owners, Managers, Consultants and Occupants by providing an open source platform able to communicate with all building systems.

This integration method provides an all-inclusive overview of a buildings performance, which assists in optimising and controlling the smart technology within to improve energy consumption, reduce operational costs and improve occupant wellbeing.

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As an MSI, we play a crucial role in many Smart Building projects

It is the responsbility of the MSI to understand all of the multiple, separate building systems, and work to integrate each of those systems into a singular smart building solution. Our business operates in 4 key areas that enable us to excel as your building partner:

Building Controls Experts

Our extensive 16 year experience of Building Controls knowledge across BMS, Energy Management and IoT enablement make us best placed to design, deliver and support your all-ecompassing Smart Building, fully enabled for future smart technology integration.

What is a Smart Building

UK Product Distributor

As a Tridium Platinum Distributor, we stock the widest range of Niagara compatible hardware and software on the market. Our vast industry experience for product selection, technical support and customer service has resulted in us having a solution for virtually every use case.

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IT Development

Our in-house team of industry leading software developers expand integration possibilities and improve productivity through our exlusive software tools. Niagara drivers, LoRaWAN and IoT sensor solutions, Site Surveys, Data & Cloud Integration and IT Infrastructure.

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Award-winning Training

From our involvement within Smart Building integrations and MSI role, we understand how clients can maximise their buildings potential. Our Tridium courses across certifications, security, graphics, advanced IoT integration and MSI training set the bar for the industry.

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  • The key to everything we do is liaising with manufacturers, to understand product supply, support and training and the multiple use cases for various product options

  • As a Master Systems Integrator we have the capability to create detailed project documentation as well as following set procedures, processes and standards

  • A core strength of our business is our extensive experience with procedures and product/integration testing. We perform product testing for:

    • Manufacturers and customers
    • Testing during on-boarding of products
    • Various stages of testing through project implementation

Our in-house IoT development team have faced and overcome numerous integration challenges, developing an exclusive suite of Niagara Drivers to enhance productivity and deliver advanced project capability. Our innovative new software platform, Smart Build Connect, enables streamlined asset management, connectivity and data validation, resulting in time savings and risk reduction for your Smart Building project.

Smart Building Project Objectives

There are usually 6 key elements in delivering a Smart Building project. While these elements can run in parallel, there are dependencies and items that bleed across from one onto another.

The deliverables have various touchpoints across the project smart phases, and as our role as an MSI we assist in managing these deliverables.

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Benefits of our Systems in a Smart Building

Energy Monitoring & Single Pane of Glass

Real-time energy monitoring allowing you to detail where major energy consumption is being used, with every system easily visualised on a Single Pane of Glass

Reduce Energy Consumption & Costs

Reducing costs by optimising your energy management, across lighting, HVAC and power usage

Improved Maintenance Procedures

Increasing the use of data to perform predictive and remote maintenance across sites, reducing labour costs and down time

Safer Sustainable Spaces

Leveraging IoT to monitor traffic flows and indoor AQ to reduce abscences, promote healthier spaces and attract tenants

Increase Productivity & Occupant Wellbeing

Optimise occupant & employee environmental conditions such as light, temp and CO2 to work more efficiently

Open to New Technology

Having an open platform to adapt to future ESG targets, operational needs and new IoT systems seamlessly

Topology: Connect, Control, Capitalise

Our Integrations Solve Problems for Clients over a Diverse Range of Verticals

Building Owners   |   End Users   |   Facility/Building Managers   |   Consultants   |   Contractors   |   System Integrators

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