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Make Smarter Decisions on your Space and Environment with People & Occupancy Monitoring

We integrate wireless IoT sensors into your BMS that enable energy savings, improved IAQ & commercial profitability

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People Counting Systems & Occupancy Sensors provide actionable insights

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With the demand for reducing energy consumption and improving the occupant experience at it’s highest, retrofitting existing buildings with wireless IoT sensors is a key driver in gaining accurate data of your building space and how efficiently, or not, it is being used.

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The Purpose of People Counting & Occupancy in Buildings

Numerous conventional buildings are wasting energy in unused spaces, and compromising indoor environmental conditions in overcrowded spaces through not having data of occupant behaviour within areas.

  • Workplace – Understand your office space, meeting room usage and desk capacity

  • Retail – Customer counting can help you identify peak traffic hours to discover better sales opportunities and better allocate staff

  • Education – Identify most and least used campus areas such as libraries, restaurants and social spaces to opitmise resources and energy

  • Hospitality –  Understanding peoples behaviour to improve the guest’s experience and environmental conditions

  • Smart Building HVAC – Collect data on where energy is being used, and how it correlates with people flow changes

By acquiring accurate and real-time people counting and occupancy data, and integration with your BMS, more informed decisions can be made to contribute to better space utilisation, improved energy efficiency and optimise resource allocation. All in turn, reducing energy costs and improving the health and comfort of occupants.

People & Occupancy Data Integrated into your Smart Building BMS

Integrating your (BMS) Building Management System with retrofit wireless IoT sensors gives building and business owners greater control to visualise performance through a Single Pane of Glass (SPOG), and make significant savings whilst improving profitibality

Our solutions are based upon the Tridium Niagara Framework, which is a comprehensive software infrastructure that acts as a central console for connecting real-time operational data to the people and systems in smart buildings, data centers, industrial processes and smart cities. This open framework collects data from all of your separate BMS systems and devices, and normalises it into actionable controllable points in a single platform.

Benefits of People & Occupancy Monitoring

Accurate Actionable Insights

Bi-directional IoT sensors have accuracy up to 99.9%, whilst meeting GDPR regulatations with 100% anonymous detection for walkways, meeting rooms and desks

Understand your Space

Real-time data on your space enables you to understand occupant behaviour to distinguise patterns under/over occupied areas. Enabling you to modify other systems in your BMS accordingly

Reduce Energy Consumption

Integrating with your BMS to automatically adjust HVAC heating and cooling, lighting and blinds depending on changing occupancy

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Maintain occupancy at an optimal level for the best indoor air quality, improving comfort and productivity by preventing excessive CO2 and harmful particulates

Re-allocate Resources

Analyse gathered data to ensurethe right resources are available at the right times (staff, equipment etc), preventing delays and improve organisation. Avoid meeting room conflicts

Strategic Decision-making

Understanding entrance, exit, desk status and meeting room status can be quickly accessed on a variety of remote devices. Create data-driven strategies for future efficiency goals

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