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The Ultimate Niagara 4 UI

iSMA Controlli RAC18-IP

The iSMA RAC18-IP is a multifunctional device providing comfort in a single room or a zone in the building. 18 onboard I/O’s with Ethernet and serial port make the controller a versatile system for comfort management, light and blind control, and integration and monitoring.

Built-in nano EDGE engine.

Point options available: 150

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Product Description

The RAC18-IP controller has a built-in nano EDGE ENGINE – the cutting-edge software that allows for constructing multiple applications and provides a set of libraries and components tailored to create cycle-driven user applications. This solution provides an automatic BACnet exposure and real-time programming.

Maintenance and programming of the device are possible from anywhere in real time with a dedicated, free-of-charge tool. The RAC18-IP ensures an easy replacement process with a system and applications on a removable SD card.


• Room and zone IP management
• Openness and reliability
• Seamless programming and maintenance
• Built-in nano EDGE ENGINE
• Cycle-driven multithreaded application
• Favorable licensing system
• Reference linking method
• Clear and logical structure
• 150 Data Points
• System and applications on SD card
• 2 fail-safe Ethernet ports with a built-in switch
• Native BACnet IP
• Modbus RTU
• Built-in real-time clock (RTC)
• Support for over 20 types of temperature sensors
• Digital inputs with fast pulse counter
• Triac outputs for thermal actuators

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