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Do you ever find yourself needing to export meter data from a Niagara 4 system, perhaps for consumption by a third party Energy Management system or external energy supplier?

Export all your meter data from Niagara 4 in under 10 minutes!

Download OSSEasyHistoryExport here


Now supports email exports!

Our awesome new module ossEasyHistoryExport has been designed to overcome all of the above headaches when tasked with exporting meter data from Niagara 4! Now you can pull as much meter data as you want from your Niagara 4 system, be it a JACE, Third Party Niagara Controller or a Supervisor, in under 10 minutes.

Simply load the module, enter your destination FTP/SFTP server details, select the histories you want, set the time range/record count, choose your scheduler interval and that’s it! Marvel at how quickly you not only generated a tidy multicolumn CSV containing the data for 1000’s of meters with a universally compatible timestamp, but also sent it on to its destination. No linking numerous components, no complex wiresheet logic, no transformGraphs, no timestamp formatting, no gap filling/record de-dup. It just works!

ossEasyHistoryExport works by combining all of the elements required to produce a compatible
multicolumn CSV file based upon Niagara 4 numeric histories. It handles meters with different logging intervals, provides record count/time range controls, supports FTP/SFTP destinations (with filename -timestamp appending to stop accidental overwrites) as well as including a scheduler to automate uploads on a schedule of your choosing.

  • Single Niagara component handles the whole process
  • Produces a universally compatible multicolumn CSV
  • Select your histories using standard discovery UI
  • Choose from an FTP or SFTP server destination
  • CSV file generated in RAM, no prematurely wearing out SD cards!
  • Combine meters with different logging intervals into the same file
  • Selectable timestamp format presets
  • Runs on a schedule or manually triggered
  • Use multiple instances to separate groups of histories into different destinations

Watch just how EASY it is:

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