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Niagara 4 Controllers

As the first and largest Tridium partner in the UK, we stock an unrivaled range of Niagara 4 controllers
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Why choose One Sight?

We distribute BMS products to hundreds of satisfied System Integrators across the UK, for over 15 years with fantastic customer service and support going the extra mile to help deliver your projects

One Sightsolutions are the leading Tridium Platinum Distributor in the UK. Our vast experience integrating with the Niagara Framework, product selection and highly skilled IT devlopers means you can have access to the widest range of Niagara compatible products on the market, all with best in class support and customer service. Get in touch now to become a partner.

Niagara Controller Distributor UK

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Tridium JACE 9000 IoT Controller

Quad core, double the RAM and 4x storage

New: iSMA MAC36 & PA LED Screen Bundle Discount

Maximise your efficiency and cost savings

iSMA Controlli MAC36PRO IoT Controller

PRO Niagara Controller w/ RS485 port & Onboard IO

Tridium JACE 8000 IoT Controller

IoT/BMS Controller running Niagara 4

Phoenix Contact ILC 2050 Controller

Niagara 4 Controller with modular IO

iSMA Controlli MAC36NL IoT Controller

Niagara 4 Controller w/ RS485 port & Onboard IO

Tridium Niagara 4 Driver solutions

Wide range of flexible drivers for your system

Custom printed JACE 8000 clip

Get more industry exposure with your printed logo

iSMA Controlli MAC36NL-RS Controller

Niagara 4 Controller w/ 36x IO & 2x RS485

iSMA Controlli MAC36NL-M Controller

Niagara 4 Controller w/ 36x IO w/ M-Bus

Tridium Niagara EDGE 10 Controller

IP-based Niagara controller w/ 10 built-in IO

Distech Controls EC-BOS-8 IoT Controller

Embedded controller powered by Niagara Framework


Tridium Niagara 4: A truly open framework

With over a million instances worldwide, Niagara is quickly becoming the operating system of the Internet of Things. Its open API, open distribution business model and open protocol support give you the freedom to choose how you work, what you build and with whom you partner. Niagara enables you to connect and control devices, while normalising, visualising and analysing data from nearly anywhere or anything.

From buildings and data centers to manufacturing systems and smart cities, the Niagara Framework improves strategic decision-making, allowing for optimized performance and cost reductions that can help businesses be more competitive and more profitable.

Discover open innovation:

Learn about Niagara 4

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Enhance your Niagara station

Exclusive Niagara drivers that overcome integration challenges and enhance productivity delivering projects