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VeeaHubs: Improving Energy and Sustainability with IoT connectivity and EDGE computing

VeeaHubs address the most important, challenging and ambitious target we have today in Net Zero by 2050. Niagara, LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, integrated & installed in a day, remotely monitored and managed for life.

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VeeaHub: Containerised Niagara at the EDGE, Secure Remote Management and mesh wireless connectivity solution

VeeaHub family of Smart Computing Hubs is an advanced edge computing platform designed to be used either standalone or as part of a mesh network. VeeaHubs combine the functions of Wireless Routers, IoT Gateways and local servers into a single cloud-managed unit. The Veea Edge Platform operates on Veea’s array of indoor and outdoor VeeaHubs, changing the economics and efficiency of edge computing.

VeeaHubs feature server-class processing and mesh scalability, as well as the capability to run containerised applications, including Tridium’s Niagara Framework By providing faster and moreeffective decisions and actions than Cloud-based processing, the VeeaHub offers a revolutionary approach to edge computing. It offers low-latency, self-healing, and self-organising wireless and wired mesh network capabilities, allowing for locally distributed collection and processing of actionable data closer to the source of data.


Effortlessly connect all your devices with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Matterand Thread support as well as optional LoRaWAN and 4G/5G WWAN support. Scale your network with Veea’s vMesh technology – wired/wirelessly.


VeeaHubs are equipped with a powerful quad-core CPU and a Linux software platform, supporting multiple applications in a virtualised environment. The computing capabilities mirror those found in the cloud.


Veea Edge Application Platform is tailored to the highest industry standards, ensuring customers the ability to customise options and features that best meet their individual needs and help protect against the ever-evolving threats.

Why choose VeeaHub EDGE Platform for your Smart Building project:

Ease of Deployment

VeeaHubs are self-contained hardware encompassing server class processing power with wired and wireless networks built in removes need for an electrical panel with multiple components facilitating rapid deployment with a lower skill base as configuration can be done securely and remotely

Retrofit with Legacy Systems

Wired and wireless mesh connected end points, paving the way for retrofit to be key driver in achieving net zero and flexibility to achieve energy goals beyond

Secure Remote Management

Secure remote management and configuration of deployments. Easily monitor devices, troubleshoot and fix remotely without on-site visits, and receive actionable data for service improvements saving resource

First implementation of Tridium’s Containerised Portable Niagara Framework

With it comes faster operational speeds, less down time and endless expansion options with applications such as analytics, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, Wifi all running on this one piece of hardware

Docker Implementation

Patented secure Docker implementation allows for other software to be run alongside Niagara such as LoRaWAN server, MQTT Brokers, Analytics packages, other 3rd party applications that can run in Docker

What is Containerised Niagara Framework?

Veea’s Edge Platform now offers Containerised Portable Niagara – this brings the Niagara Framework closer to end-point devices and solutions it connects to. The combination of the Niagara Framework, running at the edge on Veea’s Edge Platform, seamlessly bridges the OT/IT gap often found in the built space. Bridging this gap allows building managers, owners and property development organisations the ability to experience efficient deployments, faster speeds, more expansion options and less downtime – all while being able to manage and monitor your devices remotely.

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Solution Overview

Secure remote management and configuration saving resource time and cost for ongoing maintenance and providing a single pane of glass to manage, view and access deployments globally and end-point devices, gaining access to real time and historical data to make informed decisions on energy usage, occupant wellbeing and any use case drivers for the estate including ESG reporting.

For the first time, installers can extend the reach of building sensors and actuators with and combination of wired and wireless connections throughout buildings

Secure downstream access to integrated systems with remote engineering access to those systems, even with proprietary tools allowing for continuous optimisation of the control strategy to drive energy savings adapting to the changing needs of the building.

Future proof infrastructure investment for end users allowing software to be upgraded/replaced with different brands and additional sensing capacity added retrospectively from the mass of open LoRaWAN vendors in the market as needs involve

It’s wealth of wireless connectivity options make it perfect for retrofit environments saving install time and costs, can seamlessly integrate with a buildings legacy systems via Niagara and enable extended functionality with future IoT wired and wireless systems.

How VeeaHubs transformed a Retail giant

The Challenge: Revolutionising retail space efficiency
Our use case retail giant faced a common industry challenge: optimising energy consumption while enhancing the shopping experience across their extensive property portfolio. Their ambitious goal was to achieve a significant reduction in carbon footprint and operational costs. However, the complexity of integrating diverse building systems and IoT sensors across various locations made data acquisition and system control cumbersome and inefficient.

The Solution: Veea and OSS integration
Our partnership brought forth a cutting-edge solution that streamlined the process. Veea’s Edge Gateway and OSS’s expertise in smart building integration worked in tandem to transform the retailer’s infrastructure. The use of VeeaHubs, equipped with a containerised version of Tridium’s Niagara®, allowed for seamless data collection and management across all building functions, from HVAC systems, to lighting and security.

The Impact: Enhanced efficiency and sustainability
The implementation of our integrated solutions led to a notable transformation in the retailer’s operational dynamics. The new system enabled:

Energy efficiency: A significant reduction in energy consumption was achieved, contributing to the retailer’s carbon neutrality goals.
Cost savings: By optimising building operations, the retailer experienced a noticeable decrease in maintenance and energy costs.
Improved operations: Real-time data analytics facilitated proactive maintenance and faster response times, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
Sustainability goals: The retailer made substantial strides towards their sustainability targets, setting a new standard in the retail sector for environmental responsibility.
The Future: A model for retail Innovation

This case study exemplifies how the synergy between Veea’s edge computing capabilities and One Sightsolutions’ smart building solutions can create a robust and efficient ecosystem for large retail operations. It stands as a beacon for the retail industry, showcasing the potential to achieve sustainability and efficiency through technological innovation.

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