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Smart Building Efficiency & Sustainability with LoRaWAN

The wireless IoT solution that connects devices across limitless Commercial, Residential and Operational applications
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The Challenges in Conventional Buildings

Conventional buildings face a range of problems as a result of limitations from traditional building designs and construction methodologies, often resulting in a lack of automated building systems, smart enabled for data collection or IoT connectivity.

Reduced Energy Efficiency

Designed without a focus on energy and changes in operations over time, resulting in higher energy costs.

Lack of Data Insight

Conventional buildings have not been designed to collect data on performance and occupant behaviour, resulting in building managers being unable to make informed decisions to improve efficiency.

Lack of Building Automation Systems

Absense of automated systems to monitor and control building processes.

Limited Occupant Comfort

Lack of data to provide optimum working conditions, including lighting, temperature and indoor air quality. Resulting in reduced productivity and overall wellbeing.

Not Future-proof

Contruction and IT systems designed with limited flexibitlity to be adaptable for future changes and meeting regulations.

Why choose LoRaWAN?

LoRaWAN® is a revolutionary Low Power Wide Area Networking (LPWAN) communication protocol that enables seamless wireless connectivity between physical objects and the internet. LoRaWAN can communicate up to 15km in rural areas, and 2km in dense urban areas, whilst leveraging low power consumption to operate for up to 10 years per long bettery life. Wireless connectivity allows you to benefit from minimal installation costs and multi-tenant interopability. LoRaWAN’s highly secure connectivity options allow data to be integrated into BMS, Cloud Services and Private Networks.


Discover: LoRaWAN Site Survey Kit

Our specially developed LoRaWan Site Survey Kit gives you the control and freedom to realise the potential of the LoRaWan solution on any site you visit. Featuring sensors, a gateway and a field test device, this simple to use kit will provide you with fast, accurate insights of your site.

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What’s in the case:

Milesight UG65 Gateway – Cellular (External Antenna)

Milesight EM300 – TH Temperature and Humidity sensor

Elsys ERS Sensor

Adeunis Field Test device

Anker Power Bank – PowerCore III Elite

DSD Tech USB Type C to DC Power Cable

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