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Smart Building Commissioning
We work with commissioning teams across the UK to understand how data is being used in building projects

Trusted partner delivering award-winning Smart Buildings to clients across the UK

Improved Data Accuracy for Commissioning Teams

in Smart Enabled buildings, developed by by Master Systems Integrator (MSI) One Sightsolutions

With the continuous introduction of new technology, Commissioning Teams face challenges in data validation, accuracy and non-automated processes in the evolving landscape of property and real estate. Our Smart Building software and best practiceses as an MSI, improve performance, maintanence and experience of project delivery for main contractors across the UK.

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Data validation software for Commissioning Teams

Smart Build Connect is a new platform for better Smart Enablement through time saving and risk reduction

Our software that can help with data validation in Smart Enabled Projects – Smart Build Connect – this has asset manager and data validation tools inbuilt that provides improved data accuracy by reviewing smart enabled payloads against a set of validation tools – showing what is sending data, how frequently and in what format.

Key features of Smart Build Connect to help Commissioning Teams:

  • QR Code Generation & Lookup
  • Automate the production of QR codes for every Asset
  • Built in QR scanning for on-the-spot installation validation
  • Automated real time data validation via Network monitoring & payload status at MQTT Broker.
  • UDMI Data Structure Validation
  • Open source Data Warehousing / Data Access API – allowing historical views of any data publishing to an MQTT broker

Benefits of Smart Build Connect for Commissioning Teams

Reduces manual effort: Manual data entry is prone to errors and omissions. An automated tool can significantly reduce human error and ensure complete datasets.

Enforce data standards: The tool can be configured to validate data against predefined standards and specifications.

Speed up project completion: By streamlining data validation and improving data quality, the tool can help projects stay on schedule and avoid delays caused by data errors.

Provide real-time feedback: Real-time data validation allows for immediate identification and correction of errors, preventing downstream issues. You can be empowered by having a tool that reads directly from an MQTT broker rather than waiting on trades to provide you with their data.

Improve documentation and audit trails: Automatic data validation creates a permanent record of all data collected during commissioning, simplifying reporting and audits.

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smart building systems

Why you should invest in Smart Building technology

As of 2023, nearly 90% of non-domestic buildings in the UK do not have an optimised BMS (Building Management System), with the BMS responsible for between 60-80% of total energy consumption in a building. By Smart Enabling and optimising these systems, building owners can see up to a 40% reduction in energy usage. Conventional buildings face a range of problems as a result of limitations from traditional building designs and construction methodologies, however retrofitting with Smart Technology and IoT connectivity provides a future-proof solution that overcomes these exisiting pain points:

Reduced Energy Efficiency

Designed without a focus on energy and changes in operations over time, resulting in higher energy costs.

Lack of Building Data Insight

Conventional buildings have not been designed to collect data on performance and occupant behaviour, resulting in building managers being unable to make informed decisions to improve efficiency.

Limited Occupant Comfort

Lack of data to provide optimum working conditions, including lighting, temperature and indoor air quality. Resulting in reduced productivity and overall wellbeing.

No Building Automation System

Absense of automated systems to monitor and control building systems and processes.

Not enabled for Future Technology

Contruction and IT systems designed with limited flexibitlity to be adaptable for future changes and meeting regulations.

Smart Buildings Connect Systems & Devices to enable optimisation

Our solutions are based upon the Tridium Niagara Framework, which is a comprehensive software infrastructure that acts as a central console for connecting real-time operational data to the people and systems in smart buildings, data centers, industrial processes and smart cities. This open framework collects data from all of your separate BMS systems and devices, and normalises it into actionable controllable points in a single platform.

Benefits of our systems in Smart Buildings

Energy Monitoring Data Insights

Real-time energy monitoring allowing you to detail where major energy consumption is being used

Reduce Energy Consumption & Costs

Reducing costs by optimising your energy management, across lighting, HVAC and power usage

Safer Sustainable Spaces

Leveraging IoT to monitor traffic flows and indoor AQ to reduce abscences, promote healthier spaces and attract tenants

Increase Productivity & Occupant Wellbeing

Optimise occupant & employee environmental conditions such as light, temp and CO2 to work more efficiently

Improved Maintenance Procedures

Increasing the use of data to perform predictive and remote maintenance across sites, reducing labour costs and down time

Open to New Technology

Having an open platform to adapt to future ESG targets, operational needs and new IoT systems seamlessly

Topology: Connect, Control, Capitalise

smart building topology

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