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Optimising your BMS Performance is crucial in achieving Energy Efficiency

Integrating all of your systems into a singular IoT platform for automation and real-time data for your building

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Reduce Energy Consumption with IoT Building Management Systems (BMS)

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With the demand for reducing energy consumption at it’s highest, retrofitting existing buildings with smart technology is a surefire way of improving BMS performance and reducing operational costs on the way to Net Zero.

Why choose OSS as your MSI
smart building systems

The key drivers for retrofitting smart technology into your BMS

With nearly 50% of a typical buildings energy consumption coming from HVAC and lighting alone, it is no wonder why IoT integrations of automated BMS systems are becoming a growing trend in making buildings operate more efficiently.

  • A desire to reduce carbon emissions

  • Improve comfort, health and wellbeing

  • Significantly reduce a building’s energy bills

  • Minimising resource allocation for operations such as maintenance

  • Complying with ESG targets and increasing profitability

  • Increase credibility and trust against public attitude

Optimising IoT technology into your conventional BMS system gives you a deeper insight into your building performance, enabling you to implement accurate automation procedures to optimise efficiency and reduce costs, by typically between 20-60%, and also enhance the occupant experience which comes with it’s own priceless benefits to building/business owners.

Smart Buildings Connect Systems & Devices to enable optimisation

By making buildings smarter and constantly analysing control patterns – it is possible to make existing building stock considerably more efficient without any significant capital expenditure or the need to add any further embodied carbon into the building. 

Our solutions are based upon the Tridium Niagara Framework, which is a comprehensive software infrastructure that acts as a central console for connecting real-time operational data to the people and systems in smart buildings, data centers, industrial processes and smart cities. This open framework collects data from all of your separate BMS systems and devices, and normalises it into actionable controllable points in a single platform.

Benefits of BMS Optimisation for Efficiency

Greater Energy Efficiency

Heat and cool spaces more efficiently, and be able to identify inefficiencies where systems conflict. Create more focussed automation strategies

Lower Energy Costs

Retrofitting smart technology is a lower capital investment, improving stock and reducing resource costs

Better Sustainability for ESG Targets

Leverage an improved carbon footprint and achieve critical building certifications such as LEEDS, BREEAM and NABERS.

Hassle-free Maintenance

Proactive and predictive maintenace through data-driven insights. Less manual maintenance and downtimes results in greater resource efficiency

Improve Occupant Health

Environmental monitoring allows owners to pinpoint and improve poor air quality, resulting in reduced absenteeism, improved productivty and increased public credibility

Smart Enabled Future

Smart enabled BMS systems open doors for limitless integration opportunities. Interopability with lights, fans blinds, occupancy and more with demand forecasting to anticipate future needs

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