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Arming BMS/Smart Building Engineers with fundamental networking knowledge

Master Class: TCP/IP Networks 101 for Smart Building/BMS Engineers

Training in the fundamentals of switched and routed networks

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Next Course: Tuesday 30th July

Networking is a broad topic and a career of its own that to master, typically requires years of studying the theory of different key topics which must then be practiced through hands on experience in professional and usually enterprise settings.

With that said, TCP/IP networks form the basis of pretty much every data producing/communicating system around today. It is not confined to Datacentres & office environments with racks of servers & computers on desks. TCP/IP Networks span Transport, Retail, Energy, Security, Lighting, Building controls/BMS, Telecommunications, Media and even Space Exploration.

The goal of this masterclass is to arm a typical BMS/EMS/Controls/IoT Engineer with just enough knowledge on the fundamentals of Switched & Routed networks so that they can participate in design discussions, interact more confidently with IT/Networking professionals, configure the TCP/IP properties of devices correctly, and perform basic troubleshooting of network related issues.

**Pre-disclaimer: TCP/IP Networking, and even just the topics below extend into levels of complexity which require years of study and a professional career’s worth of experience to truly master and be considered a professional with. We must set the expectation now that this single day Masterclass is intended to provide foundational knowledge/an insight into several key topics that should be considered most important when working with TCP/IP networks in the Smart Building setting.**

Course Content

In this 1-day Master Class, we will cover these keys areas:

  • Overview: TCP/IP Stack – OSI Model (Layers)
  • Overview: Common media types & specs (CATx cabling / SM & MM Fibre / Connectors)
  • Key Concept: Layer 2/Layer 3 addressing & operation in practice.
  • Key Concept: Subnetting / Subnet sizing (IP Ranges & allocation)
  • Key Concept: Switches & Routers (L2/L3 – What do they do?)
  • Key Concept: Routing & the all-important “Default Gateway/Route)
  • Key Concept: VLAN’s (Separation at Layer 2)
  • Overview: VRF’s (Separation at Layer 3)
  • Overview: Common Topologies (Physical deployment characteristics)
  • Key Concept: Common Ports/Protocols (Including BMS/Smart Building)
  • Overview: Network documentation examples (IP Schedules/Port Maps/Topology Diagrams)
  • Recommended routes of continued learning.

This course is delivered remotely via Teams and will typically run from 9:00AM to 4:00PM. The presenter will deliver each element of the content as a dynamic work through style exercise. There will be constant engagement and Q&A as we move through each section. There will be no ‘death by power point’ or step by step guides. This Masterclass is an engaging day to learn from a TCP/IP Networking professional and engage in discussion about key topics to enhance your understanding and enable you to work more confidently with TCP/IP network infrastructure.

**By special arrangement, we are able to deliver this masterclass in person at a customers premises**.

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