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Tridium Niagara EDGE 10

Tridium Niagara EDGE 10

Tridium’s Niagara Edge 10 is an IP-based field equipment controller powered by the Niagara Framework®.

Niagara EDGE 10 controllers drive applications such as zone temperature control, and the operation of fan coil units, single stage air handling units, water-source heat pumps and more.

Connection: Counts as only 1/10 of a standard supervisor connection
Product Description

Niagara Edge 10 controllers run the full Niagara Framework stack, with 10 points of on-board IO and IO-R-34 expansion capability. Niagara Edge 10 licensing supports three devices and 50 total points to harness the full power of Niagara at the edge.

Hardware specs:

  • NXP iMX6 SoloX2: 800MHz ARM Cortex-A9/M4
  • 512 MB DDR SDRAM
  • 2GB total eMMC flash storage with user space set at 1GB
  • Powered from 24VAC/DC source
  • 5 Universal input: Type 3 (10K) thermistors, 0-100K ohm, 0-10VDC, 0-20mA with external resistor, Dry Contact
  • 2 Analog outputs: 0-10VDC, 4mA max output current
  • 3 Digital outputs: Triac, 24VAC @.5 amp
  • 2 10/100MB Ethernet ports capable of daisy chaining
  • 1 RS-485 serial port
  • Real-time clock
  • Secure boot


  • Niagara Edge 10 controllers can be daisy chained to continue network
    connectivity and eliminate the need for separate wiring back to a switch.
  • Connect Niagara Edge 10 controllers to your main building or IT network
    and manage them directly with a Supervisor alongside of a JACE®.
  • Use the secondary Ethernet port of the JACE 8000 to create a private
    network of Niagara Edge 10 controllers.

Support mounting on EN50022 standard 7.5mm x 35mm DIN rail or panel mounting

Supporting Videos
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