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Tridium JACE 9000 Controller

EasyIO FR-02 Relay

The EasyIO FR-02 is a DIN mounted relay module to convert an analogue input into 2 x Relay Outputs. It allows 1 x 0-10vdc Input to provide floating or staging control via the two output relays. The 2 modes are selected by a jumper and the relay outputs have A/O/M (Auto/Off/Manual On) switches.

Product Description

Input Rating:

Power Supply 24Vac(+/-5%), 20VA or
24Vdc(+15%/-15%), 15VA, Class 2
Analog Input Voltage 0-10 Vdc, Class 2

Output Rating:
Digital Outputs 24V AC/DC 2A (48VA)
(SPST N.O. dry contact)

Do not mount:
• In an area where excessive moisture, corrosive fumes or explosion vapors are present.
• Where excessive vibration or shocks are likely to occur.
• On a location with excessive electrical noise, such as large magnetic interference or variable speed drive modules.

Stage Min Volt Max Volt Optimum Volt DO 1 State DO 2 State
1 0.00 1.00 0.00 OFF OFF
2 1.10 5.00 3.00 ON OFF
3 5.10 6.00 5.50 OFF OFF
4 6.10 10.00 8.00 OFF ON

Stage Min Volt Max Volt Optimum Volt DO 1 State DO 2 State
1 0.00 2.50 2.00 OFF OFF
2 2.60 5.00 3.50 ON OFF
3 5.10 7.50 6.50 OFF ON
4 7.60 10.00 8.50 ON ON

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