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Tridium Niagara 4 Supervisor

Tridium Niagara Remote: Cloud Access

Niagara Cloud Suite™ is a scalable cloud-based solution that provides secure, remote building management services. This offering provides new integration, connection, and deployment capabilities, building on Tridium’s current model of open and extensible integration with devices, services and applications.

Leveraging the Niagara Framework®, Niagara Cloud Suite offers a trusted, secure source of building data that can be used with the analytics platforms that best meet a customer’s needs. Access secure storage of historical trend data and a centralized view of assets for improved reporting and analysis. Remotely access, configure, and engineer Niagara Systems with Niagara Cloud Suite.

Product Description

Niagara Remote™ provides web-based remote access to a Niagara station from an Internet-connected device. No additional hardware, gateways or VPNs needed!

The need for remote connection to a Niagara-based network of devices arises often in the daily life of the Niagara Framework® user. Niagara Remote is a service from the Niagara Cloud Suite that helps increase productivity for the user troubleshooting a deployment, doing regular engineering and maintenance work, or just checking the status of all operations across a Niagara-based network via the graphical user interface. Niagara Remote enables faster issue identification, resolution and more responsive service.

Niagara Cloud Suite enhances the Niagara Framework by extending your offerings to the cloud. With Niagara Remote, you can access a Niagara Supervisor or JACE via a web browser, without the need for additional hardware, gateways or VPNs.


Tridium understands that security is often a key customer concern when deploying a cloud solution. Thus, Niagara Remote™ is designed to work with standard IT-network firewall technology and incorporates robust security features, for example:

  • All user and station communications use HTTPS / websockets on port 443.
  • Niagara station initiates outbound, remote access connection to the cloud. Inbound connections are not required.
  • A single endpoint application program interface — — is used for all communication with the station.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication required for remote access to station.
  • Fine-grained, role-based access controls allow user access to be managed at the station level.
  • TLS1.2+ (TLS1.3 recommended) for all communications.

Niagara Remote Requirements

Niagara Remote and other Niagara Cloud Suite™ offerings require an active Niagara Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) throughout the term of the subscription. The end-customer should be updated to a current, supported release of Niagara Framework with all the latest cyber-threat  protections applied. This is another aspect of Tridium’s ‘Secure by Default’ policy for all Niagara Framework offerings.

All Subscribers to an offering in the Niagara Cloud Suite have access to the Niagara Cloud Management portal.

Niagara Cloud Management Portal

All Subscribers to an offering in the Niagara Cloud Suite have access to the Niagara Cloud Management portal. From this portal, subscribers can setup and access the following Niagara Cloud Suite services:

  • For systems integrators:
    • Ability to register a device to a customer-unique cloud tenant
    • Ability to create a partner-view hierarchy describing customer, project and subscribed device by hostID
    • Ability to create and retrieve backups
    • Ability to assign customer users
  • For End Users (Building Owner/ Property Manager):
    • View devices registered to their organization
    • View and retrieve backups
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