EasyIO-FW-14 New Wifi EasyIo Controller



Firstly, the EasyIO-FW-14 ideal for all kind of applications. Such as fan coils, terminal units, AHU’s, room and stand-alone applications. It therefore features SOX, TCOM, FGP2P and BACnet communication protocols.

Subsequently, the EasyIO-FW-14 can be programmed and live commissioned via the integrated free CPT Tools. In addition to this, it can also be programmed with the integrated HMTL5 dashboard. Ultimately making the process of installation faster and easier.

In addition to this, it has BACnet IP server, a BACnet MSTP client, supporting up to four external BACnet server devices. In fact it also has two Ethernet ports for daisy chain connection wiring. Thus making this controller extremely compatible.

Furthermore, it can also have the built-in Wi-Fi infrastructure connected at the same time as the Ethernet ports for network redundancy.

Finally, wired and wireless deployment is encouraged. Consequently there is no need to worry about IT. The EasyIO-FW-14 includes 8 UI (voltage and resistance), 4 x AO (Voltage), and 2 x DO with 24VAC volt free contact relays.


WiFi Technology

Above all, this is the first EasyIO controller based on WiFi Technology

Freely Programmable

Moreover, it is a freely programmable controller, that perfectly fits in a network of controllers, or standalone because if its own real-time clock.

Flexible Configuration

Furthermore, the controller also comes with two Ethernet Ports to program the Sedona Application, TCOM, FGP2P, BACnet and for web configurations.

BACnet MSTP Support

Additionally, the FW-14 comes with one standard RS485 driver to support BACnet MSTP.


Incidentally, the available resources inside the controller are not limited to the 14 I/O. Meaning you will be surprised by its high power.


Finally, to maintain floating control, there is the optional FR-02 module available to add to the FW-14.