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ossRestAPIServer provides a HTTP REST API server running on Tridium Niagara that enables many common web platforms, or REST API clients easy access to any point or history data available on a Niagara JACE or supervisor.

Easily integrate Tridium Niagara based data into existing REST API enabled visualisation and analytics frameworks so your BMS data can be viewed and processed by third-party systems alongside a wide range of alternative data sources.

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  • Ensures your Niagara data and platform is secure using industry standard OAuth2 authentication and HTTPS connections.
  • Complete control over what points and histories are made available to the API.
  • Utilises the native Niagara user database to allow separate applications with their own credentials access to different resources using the same API.
  • Supports writing to Niagara points, with complete permissions control over what points may be read or written by each authorised application.
  • Uses simple JSON data structures to return point and history data.
  • Simple test API clients are provided to demonstrate how to interact with the API server.

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