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neptronic vav controller

Neptronic VAV Controller

The Neptronic VAV controller is designed for simple and accurate control of any variable air volume box in a number of zone control configurations. It’s field configurable algorithms enable versatile implementation of required control sequences.

Different models available with varying TRIAC, feedback and fan power available. Used in perfect conjunction with the oss-TDU room sensors and displays

Communication: BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU

Product Description
• Single duct, cooling only
• Single duct cooling and/or heating
• Up to 4 stage reheat and/or cool
• Up to 4 On/Off heat and/or cool
• Up to 4 time proportioned (TPM) heat or reheat
• Up to 2 analog (0-10Vdc) reheat and/or cool
• Up to 2 floating heat and/or cool
• Pressure dependent or pressure independent
• With or without auto changeover
• Supply/exhaust (requires an additional EVC)
• 24Vac operation
• Up to 4 inputs and 6 outputs
• Field configured VAV algorithm
• Built-in actuator [8Nm] (select models)
• On board differential pressure sensor (pressure independent models)
• Manual or automatic pressure mode selection
(pressure independent models)
• Configurable PI (Proportional-Integral) function
• Simple air balancing and commissioning via digital room sensor
• Independent, configurable proportional control band and dead band per ramp
• Selectable internal or external temperature sensor (10KΩ)
• Activate output with CO2 from digital room sensor or external CO2 sensor
• Change over by contact or external
temperature sensor
• Removable, raising clamp, non-strip terminals
• Potentiometer feedback for increased precision of actuator position (select models)


• 2 analog inputs
• 2 digital inputs Outputs:
• 2 analog outputs
• Up to 4 TRIAC outputs


• BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU communication (selectable via menu)
• Select MAC address via DIP switch or via network
• Automatic baud rate detection


• BACnet scheduler (up to 6 events)
• Firmware upgradeable via network
• COV (change of value)
• Copy and broadcast configuration to other EVCB modules via menu or network
• Automatic device instance configuration


• Modbus RTU @ 9600, 19200, 38400 or 57600 bps
• RTU Slave, 8 bits (configurable parity and stop bits)
• Connects to any Modbus RTU master

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