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Phoenix Contact ILC 2050 for your Niagara 4 Project

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Published by Ryan – Marketing | 19/03/2024

Who are Phoenix Contact?

Phoenix Contact are a forward-thinking industry automation company, with a comprehensive portfolio of powerful, reliable products for building projects. Notibly, the ILC 2050 Controller running the Niagara Framework offers a wealth of unique hardware benefits, and unique IO system, enabling you to seamlessly expand your BMS capabilities to any lengths and over a range of applicatons.

ILC 2050 Controller Hardware

The ILC 2050 offers robust and high-speed control for the most demanding applications, equipped with two logically separated IP address interfaces each with 2 integrated Fast Ethernet ports. Building managers and operators can leverage mutliple networks on a single controller without the need to add switches. In addition, the ILC comes with 2 RS485 ports that offer impressive expansion capabilities without having to purchase additional modbus modules. This controller is powered on 24 volts DC, and users can access the diagnostic platform through a simple USB port as well.

Another unique value of this controller is it’s size, it’s footprint is only 80mm side making it a perfect space saving solution for a range of application requirements. You can also directly wire your field wiring to the terminals on the controller and IO module modules, so you don’t need separate terminal strips in your panels, which is another great space-saving feature.

Niagara Framework onboard

The Phoenix Contact ILC offers great power to projects with Tridium’s Niagara Framework running universally onboard, so any engineer that is Tridium certified can work with it.

Niagara 4 from Tridium is at the very core of what we do here at One Sightsolutions. Niagara 4 is an ecosystem of software that spans from the edge to the cloud and is available on a variety of hardware platforms as well as for installation on PC’s & Servers.

The Tridium Niagara Framework® serves as a unifying platform that brings together disparate building systems, no matter what the protocol or connectivity media, ensuring interoperability and creating a cohesive ecosystem. Its open architecture allows for the integration of potentially unlimited devices and protocols, promoting flexibility and scalability. This adaptability is crucial in achieving energy efficiency goals as it accommodates the incorporation of emerging technologies and trends.

Point options available: 100 | 250 | 500 | 1250 | 5000 | 10000

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Niagara Framework Overview

Connect up to 63 IO Modules on a Single Controller

This controller can be seamlessly expanded with a huge range of IO options, including digital, analogue and relay, with up to 63 separate IO modules being able to sit on a single ILC controller. The expansion capability start as small as an 8 channel digital input module, and increase all the way up to a 32 channel digital input module, providing versatility.

The Phoenix Contact ILC has a terminal block that easily unplugs, and IO slices can simply slide onto the side of the controller and then clipped into place with the terminal block, with everything connected along the bus. With this controller being licensed the same way as any other Niagara controller, you can just purchase your point packs based on the number of data points that you’re integrating from, and that can be anything from BACnet, MSTP, through to DALI.

Ideal for a wide range of Applications

This hardware solution satisfies a range of building control and lighting applications, whether you want to start small and grow as the building grows, or leverage the expansion power for large buildings and sites straight away. Typical applications for this controller include, data centres, offices, retail, home automation, hospitals and more. An added benefit of this hardware using the Niagara licensing model, is that you can retrospectively add data points as well as additional connection points, providing extreme flexibility to building projects.

Expand functionality with Niagara Drivers

Our exclusive range of Niagara 4 drivers have been developed specifically to overcome Smart Building integration challenges. Our modules enable you to unlock and integrate data from multiple BMS systems and IoT sensors straight into your Niagara 4 station so you can deliver the best projects for your customers. These are complimented with a range of productivity enhancing drivers that make life easier for Niagara engineers worldwide. Explore our Niagara Drivers here:

View our Niagara Drivers

Watch the Hardware Overview video

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Published by Ryan – Marketing | 19/03/2024

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