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Tridium JACE 9000 FAQ’s and Differences with 8000

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Published by Ryan – Marketing | 28/02/2024

Q: Is the JACE 9000 compatible with JACE 8000 and other legacy JACEs?
A: Yes, the JACE 9000 is fully compatible with the JACE 8000 and other legacy JACEs.

Q: What versions of Niagara will the JACE 9000 support?
A: The JACE 9000 will be released with Niagara 4.13. It will only support running 4.13 and later releases of the Niagara Framework. It will not support running any previous releases.

Q: What are the main differences between the JACE 8000 and JACE 9000?
A: The difference between the JACE 8000 and JACE 9000 is that the JACE 9000 has improved performance, on board storage, uSD now backup, no backup port. The JACE 8000 and JACE 9000 have the same environmental specifications and are available as wireless and non-wireless (fully depopulated). Review the Quick Start Guide and Manual for additional differences in operation (available in the Niagara Resource Center).

Q: Are there any features or functionality that will not be available in the initial release?
A: Some functionality and features will not be available with the initial release. These are planned to be included with the Niagara 4.14 release. This includes:
• DHCP server support for field bus devices on secondary Ethernet port
• 802.1X
• DR-CCN – Carrier Comfort Network driver Niagara 4 driver
• Wi-Fi (wireless model only)

Q: What connections are standard on the JACE 9000?
A: JACE 9000 non-wireless is available with the following connections:
• 24VAC/DC Power Supply, (2) isolated RS-485, 1 USB type C (Serial Shell), and (2)10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports
• JACE 9000 wireless model will be available with the above connections plus dual band Wi-Fi 5.

Q: How will Niagara software be offered on the JACE 9000?
A: The software and Niagara core models for the JACE 9000 will be equivalent to existing JACE 8000 models. There will be new models created to differentiate between the two. Example: NC-9005 for the JACE 9000 will be equivalent to NC-8005.

Q: Will a software maintenance agreement (SMA) be required?
A: Yes, the JACE 9000 will require an SMA.

Q: Are any drivers included with the JACE 8000?
A: Yes. Please refer to Tridium’s list of Niagara 4 drivers, posted online in the Library or Additional Tridium or third-party drivers can also be added, including One Sightsolutions exclusive integration and productivity enhancing drivers. Explore these here

Q: How does the JACE 9000 form factor and wiring connections compare to the JACE 8000?
A: JACE 9000 has the exact same footprint, size, and form factor as the JACE 8000. All wiring terminals are also in the exact same location. This was intentional to support easy and seamless retrofit opportunities.

Q: Will the JACE 8000 power supply and expansion modules work with the JACE 9000?
A: Yes, the existing WPM-8000 power supply will work with the JACE 9000. The JACE 9000 has the same power requirements and power connections as the JACE 8000. The existing JACE expansion modules, NPB-8000-232, NPB-8000-2X-485, and NPB-8000-LON are fully supported and compatible with the JACE 9000. The same number and configuration of installations are also supported – see data sheet at Library more details.

Q: What Agency certifications does the JACE 9000 meet?
A: The JACE 9000 meets UL, CE, FCC, and numerous other standards. Please see the data sheet posted online at Library for a complete list of certifications.

Q: Will the JACE 9000 have UKCA approval?
A: Yes, JACE 9000 will carry the UKCA certification.

Q: When will JACE 9000 have BACnet certification?
A: JACE 9000 is planned to be tested and certified to BACNet version 16 with the release of Niagara 4.14.

Q: What is the default IP address for all JACE 9000 units?

Q: What are the default credentials and system passphrase?
A: Unlike the JACE 8000, the default credentials for all JACE 9000 units is admin/admin (regardless of branding). Default system passphrase is also admin. Just like the JACE 8000, users must change the default credentials the first time they connect to the unit via serial shell or Workbench.

Q: What is the storage capacity of the JACE 9000 SD card?
A: The JACE 9000 will use an 8GB SD card. The full capacity of the SD card will be available for storing complete device backups. The JACE will create a full backup daily at 2:00 AM. It will continue to store incremental backups until the SD card is full. Once it is full the oldest existing backup will be deleted to make space for the new one.

Q: Will the host ID still be tied to the SD card?
A: Yes, just like the JACE 8000, the microSD card on the JACE 9000 will carry the host ID. A backup can be restored from a microSD card in a new device by providing the system passphrase from the device it was removed from.

Q: Can I take an SD card from a JACE 8000 and use it in JACE 9000?
A: No, SD cards are not compatible between JACE 8000 and JACE 9000.

Q: When will the Bluetooth functionality be available?
A: Bluetooth functionality will be available after the release of the wireless enabled model. At this time specific capabilities, functionality, and Niagara release version have not been determined.

Q: Will the JACE 9000 have branded clips?
A: Yes, JACE 9000 will offer branded clips. Please contact your sales representative for more details.

Q: Why do I only see 2 CPUs in workbench?
A: The JACE 9000 uses all 4-CPU cores at system startup. Once running, 2 cores are available to the station, 1 core available to the Niagara daemon, and the 4th core is running in reserve.

Q: How many histories are supported on JACE 9000?
A: The recommended limit is 10,000 histories, each with a capacity of 8,640 records. This equates to 90 days of data collection at 15-minute intervals. This is a 1.6X increase over the JACE-8000 capacity.

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Published by Ryan – Marketing | 28/02/2024

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