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The Phoenix Contact ILC Controller running the Niagara Framework offers a unique IO system, enabling you to seamlessly expand your BMS capabilities to powerful lengths. Get in touch with our fantastic team

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Phoenix Contact DI 2897020

Phoenix Contact DI 2897020

The Phoenix Contact DI 8/S0-PAC terminal is designed for use within an Inline station with 8 digital inputs.

It is ideal for recording counting pulses from impulse encoders with an S0 interface in acc. with DIN 43864 and for Class A impulse encoders in acc. with IEC 62053-31.

Compatability: ILC 2050 Controller

Product Description
  • Eight inputs
  • Connection of S0 impulse encoders, floating contacts or outputs with negative logic (e.g., open collector, open drain)
  • Connection of sensors in 2, 3, and 4-wire technology
  • 32-bit counter range
  • Communication via process data
  • Maximum permissible load current per sensor: 250 mA
  • Maximum permissible load current from the terminal: 2 A
  • Diagnostic and status indicators

Pulse counter:
Maximum counting frequency of up to 150 Hz
In addition, current period length or pulse length (ON or OFF) can be read with a resolution of 1 ms (16-bit counting range)

Operating hours counter:
1 s resolution
Counter enabled on active or inactive input (configurable)

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