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ECx Blind Series

The ECx-Blind Series Expansion Modules are microprocessor-based interfaces that extend the number of inputs and outputs.

Provided by the ECLYPSE™ Connected System Controllers, ECLYPSE Connected VAV Controllers, ECL/ECB-PTU Series controllers, and ECL/ECB-VAV controllers.


These controllers use the LonTalk® communication protocol and are LonMark certified.


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When connected to one of these HVAC programmable controllers, each expansion module can control 4 motorised shades / sunblinds.

As part of the Smart Room Control solution, the ECx-Blind Series expansion module can be freely combined with ECx-Light-4/4D and ECx-Light-4DALI lighting modules to control up to 8 light groups or DALI buses, and 8 shade/ sunblind motors.

  • The ECx-Blind Expansion Modules operate off of a separate sub-network bus (governed by the main HVAC controller). This optimizes the control possibilities while allowing such a modular solution (HVAC controller + expansion modules) to be interpreted as a single device by the network, thereby avoiding unnecessary system overloading.
  • In addition, by positioning the expansion modules directly in ceilings, close to the lights, the installation effort is reduced. As well, connecting the module to the main HVAC controller through a single RJ-45 cable reduces wiring costs and minimizes the risk of errors.
  • Custom program the ECx-Blind expansion modules directly when configuring the main HVAC controller using EC-gfxProgram. This allows you to quickly and easily create your own control sequences capable of meeting the most demanding requirements of any engineering specification.
  • Moreover, the internal electronics being powered by the host controller, the lighting load consumption can easily be monitored, allowing for energy counting, and allowing the supervisor to instantly detect abnormal power usage and anticipate bulb maintenance as part of a proactive preventive maintenance program.


  • A wide range of lighting and shade / sunblind expansion modules that enables smart cross-management of HVAC, lighting, and shades / sunblinds as a whole, creating a unique Smart Room Control solution.
  • The main HVAC controller and its associated expansion modules form a single device on the network that reduces network traffic and facilitates BMS integration.
  • Seen as an extension of the main HVAC controller when configuring, allowing you to save engineering time
  • Quick-link connectors for direct installation into the ceilings, or traditional detachable connectors for use with optional strain reliefs and terminal block covers. This may eliminate the need for a protective enclosure in some jurisdictions.
  • Integrated digital inputs to interface with shade / sunblind switches, window contacts, etc…
  • Fail-safe mode to comply with most regulation requirements.
  • The ECx-Blind-4 has a separate power supply allowing for dedicated metering leading to more accurate energy consumption analysis.
  • The ECx-Blind-4LV models have an embedded power supply that can eliminate the need for an external power supply to power the controlled device.

The Smart Room Control solution combines a main HVAC Controller with expansion modules dedicated to lighting and sunblind management to form a modular solution that uses a single point on the network.

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