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Distech Controls ECLYPSE EC-303

ECLYPSE Equipment Controller

The Distech Controls ECLYPSE EC-303 HVAC controller was designed to control rooftop units and small air handling units, as well as heat pumps, fan coils and chilled beam applications.

The Distech EC-303 features a diversified I/O count in a compact design and footprint for easy in-cabinet installation.


Pre-loaded with embedded ENVYSION


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  • All-in-one controller, combining power supply, server, and a diversified I/O count
    • 8 universal inputs
    • 4 x 24VAC triac digital outputs
    • 2 universal outputs
    • 2 field configurable outputs (24VAC triac digital or universal)
  • Configure pre-loaded applications with embedded ENVYSION or with an Allure™ EC-Smart-Vue communicating sensor, or fully customize with EC-gfxProgram
  • Integrated fail-safe feature allowing for increased redundancy and reliability in your IP-wired daisy chain: in case of power failure to one controller, communication data is still relayed to the following controller on the daisy-chain
  • Operating temperature range suited for installation in outdoor equipment
  • Supports the Smart Room Control solution, for a unified, end-to-end solution for the control of HVAC, lighting, and shades/sunblind
  • Select models support up to 3 Modbus RTU and TCP/IP devices to cost effectively integrate meters, VFDs etc
  • Supports “direct connection” to EC-gfxProgram, graphical programming interface, and mobile apps
  • With embedded ENVYSION, web-based graphic design and visualization interface, for hosting of system-based graphics, and visualization of schedules, alarms, and trend logs directly from the controller
  • Daisy-chain up to 4 Allure series communicating sensors via the dedicated subnet port

Support Devices


The Connected Equipment Controller is a plug and play device that saves time and money since no programming or graphic design is needed as it comes with ENVYSION™ Viewer and the associated preloaded rooftop unit applications and graphics pre-installed. Also, no additional tools are required; only a web-browser is needed when you are using the pre-loaded application through ENVYSION. If the pre-loaded application does not meet the application requirements, you can program it using EC-gfxProgram.


Supports Distech Controls’ EC-gfxProgram, which makes Building Automation System (BAS) programming effortless by allowing you to visually assemble building blocks together to create a custom control sequence for any HVAC / building automation application. EC-gfxProgram projects can be downloaded in batch to multiple controllers, for greater time savings. Batch firmware update can also be performed on multiple controllers.

Allure™ Series Communicating Sensor Support

These controllers work with a wide range of sensors, such as the Allure Series Communicating Sensors that are designed to provide intelligent sensing and control devices for increased user experience and energy efficiency.

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