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Distech Controls DALI lighting controllers are a gateway between the LonWorks network and the DALI network. They can work in stand alone mode or connected to a Building Management System (BMS) with an open and interoperable network: LonWorks.

This controller uses the BACnet® MS/TP LAN communication protocol and is BTL®-Listed as BACnet Application Specific Controllers (B-ASC).


They enable to control several DALI ballasts groups


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The lighting controllers bring an optimized comfort and energy savings within office buildings or open areas.

Products adapted for a DALI installation: DALI is a standard communication bus (IEC 60929) between a controller and lighting devices. It enables digital control of lighting devices (On / Off, dimming) and monitoring of operating status.

Used jointly with our graphic configuration software, they build a modular solution in case of repartitioning: no requirements to modify your installation.

  • The controllers can work in ‘stand alone’ mode or integrated into a BMS.
  • Modular solution: it can be adapted to an office repartitioning.
  • One controller to manage lighting in several rooms (depending on your installation)
  • Some controllers on the LonWorks network enable the occupancy mode, lighting Lux level, fan speed, temperature set-point and the temperature reading (for a multi-discipline management).
  • A comprehensive accessories range that is fully compatible with our controllers: orders emitted by a remote control, presence and Lux level measure information given by multi-sensors.
  • All controllers are provided with quick link connectors’ for an easier connection in the ceilings.
  • “Pin Service”: push button in front of the controllers.
  • All controllers perform positive security by automatically turning ON all the lights when a defect is detected.
  • Window and corridor sides can be controlled independently
  • They enable the operating status and defect detection of each ballast (CTR-DALI-LRx) or each ballasts group (CTR- 8LDALI).
  • Installation on a DIN rail or fixed on the wall.I).

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