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Smart Building Solutions
Optimising energy management, reducing costs, collecting and analysing data through IoT to make better decsions about buildings
Delivering Intgelligent buildings & Connected systems across the UK


Formed in 2008, now providing an all-encompassing solution for clients within the building automation and energy management sector. From design to deployment, we believe we have the expertise to create innovative integration systems of the future.

Utilising integration

Meeting the demands of Systems Houses, Consultants and Building Owners/Occupiers by providing a common open source platform to communicate a variety of systems via web services, providing an all-inclusive overview of a buildings performance.

Continuous development

Embracing technological advancement, and persistently reviewing and developing our product ranges & integration methods to provide innovative, contemporary platforms that can be implemented into a diverse range of business requirements.

Master Systems Integrators

As an MSI, One Sightsolutions play a crucial role in many modern Smart Building projects. It is the responsibility of the MSI to understand all of the multiple, separate building systems, and work to integrate each of those systems into a singular Smart Building solution.

Our diverse range of operations all enhance and support our role in integration

  • Leading UK Product Distribution and Testing
  • Training, Support and Consultancy
  • IT Infrastructure and Software Development
  • Vast Building Controls knowledge

Our experience:

Smart Deliverables

There are usually 5 key elements in Smart project deliverables. While these elements can run in paralell, there are dependencies and various touch points across the project smart phases.

It is the role of the MSI to assist in managing these deliverables.

Topolgy/Testing 20%
Smart Enablement 40%
Single Pane of Glass creation 60%
Cloud Data storage 80%
Cloud Applications 100%


As an MSI, we ensure that all sub-contractors supplying edge devices comply key security and smart enablement requirements, as well as performing our own Smart Testing procedure.

  • The key starting point for a Smart Building is to understand what systems are there, and how we can communicate with them
  • In turn, you can build out the integration platform requirements
  • Finally, understanding how you can service this data into differing cloud environments

These projects entail more than just connectivity between systems for the users of the building. They also need to present a gateway that allows data to flow from the building services to a centralised cloud/database. Publishing key points via MQTT, and in a JSON structured format allowing traceability from the cloud back down through to the edge device.

Single Pane of Glass

A Single Pane of Glass (SPoG) allows access to a number of building services on a single screen. All graphic pages are created using responsive panes – meaning they scale to mobile/tablet screens as well as a standard dekstop/laptop.

Benefits include the ability to monitor and change building conditions and also link into utility services, lift services, security systems, BMS and power systems to make intelligent decisions to increase visibility of what is happening in the building. As well as supporting energy saving opportunities and employee wellbeing programs.

Explore Reflow for Niagara 4

Smart Enablement Benefits

Utilising data to provide an efficient and safe building

By incorporating the power of the IoT and building systems, you are able to collect and analyse information on user journeys and decisions, allowing for the most effective solutions for your smart building

Reducing of costs by optimising your energy management, with solutions in automated monitoring and control across lighting, HVAC and power distribution, ensuring as least wasted energy as possible – Extremely useful for detailing where major energy consumption is being used

Provides a global interface to all equipment within the building including security, lighting and HVAC systems to positively impact the profitability and efficiency of your building.

Using air quality data information to react with a buildings HVAC to ensure better internal AQ is a classic example of utilising web services along with building services


Increasing the use of data to perform predictive maintenance across buildings/estates

Tridium Niagara 4: A truly open framework

With over a million instances worldwide, Niagara is quickly becoming the operating system of the Internet of Things. Its open API, open distribution business model and open protocol support give you the freedom to choose how you work, what you build and with whom you partner. Niagara enables you to connect and control devices, while normalising, visualising and analysing data from nearly anywhere or anything.

From buildings and data centers to manufacturing systems and smart cities, the Niagara Framework improves strategic decision-making, allowing for optimized performance and cost reductions that can help businesses be more competitive and more profitable.

And with the release of Niagara 4, Portability, Niagara Edge® 10 and the JACE® 8000 controller, the opportunity to achieve operational excellence is even greater than before.

Discover open innovation:

Why choose Niagara 4
View JACE 8000

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Award-winning Buildings by One Sightsolutions

“The below is a testimonial to the management and delivery of the SMART Building Consultant role as well as the Sensor System installation and commissioning works at 80 Charlotte Street.

The project goals were for OSS to hold the hands of the fellow MEP trades to ensure that the equipment selection, pre-commissioning and device provisioning were successfully coordinated prior to implementation on site.

I am pleased to confirm that OSS undertook this role successfully and made the journey for me a Main Contractor a positive experience to work with them. OSS were selected based on their experience and specialist expertise in Building Management Systems, and also having an influence on procuring and distributing BMS hardware.

OSS were exceptionally strong throughout the interview process and demonstrated a clear understanding of the project requirements, especially surrounding the SMART building integration via MQTT protocol.

With regards to the CDP element of the works contract, OSS once again showed good knowledge and experience to design and develop a desk sensor from concept to installation. Although we experience some obstacles along the way, this was clearly communicated and reported to the Client and Consultant team.

I would without question be more than happy to work with OSS again on another project, and also be sure to use this testimonial to recommend them to other TSM’s within ISG Ltd. I am soon to complete the supply chain feedback scores and can confirm that OSS will score highly, which will be shown on the ISG Supply Chain database when tendering future projects.”