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Data Validation & Asset Management re-imagined

Smart Build Connect is a new platform for better Smart Enablement through time saving and risk reduction

Our software that can help with data validation in Smart Enabled Projects, has asset manager and data validation tools inbuilt that provides improved data accuracy by reviewing smart enabled payloads against a set of validation tools – showing what is sending data, how frequently and in what format.

The Smart Enablement Challenges

Modern Smart Enablement projects involve many differernt types of assets and devices, each commissioned by different trades. Each of these assets is equipped with different data handling capabilities, with a frequent need for data translation via IoT Gateways. Conventionally, this involves a lot of manual configuration, resulting in a high error and high revisit rate due to manual repetitive data handling.

Key features of Smart Building Connect

  • QR Code Generation & Lookup
  • Automate the production of QR codes for every Asset
  • Built in QR scanning for on-the-spot installation validation
  • Automated real time data validation via Network monitoring & payload status at MQTT Broker.
  • UDMI Data Structure Validation
  • Open source Data Warehousing / Data Access API – allowing historical views of any data publishing to an MQTT broker

Benefits of Smart Build Connect

  • Developed to save time on Smart building delivery & reduce risk through automated commissioning status & data validation.

  • Built to enable the continued maintenance of data integrity and ownership

  • Designed for centralised ‘single source of truth’ asset/device recording.

  • Deployed as a web app for easy access & operation in multi-trade projects.

  • Dashboard – See the bigger picture in an instant

  • Monitor the real time status of your Smart Building Assets

  • Commissioning progress monitoring via network

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