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Tridium JACE 9000 Controller

EasyIO FC-20 IO Controller

The EasyIO FC20 is a cost-effective programmable controller, selectable between BACnet or Modbus. This versatile controller can be used for many applications such as RTU, AHU, FCU, small plant control, or as dummy inputs/outputs.

  • 24 MHz ARM Cortex-M3 main processor
  • BACnet MSTP Server

Product Description

The FC20 has twelve (12) universal inputs (UI) supporting current, voltage and resistance-based sensors, 4 electrically isolated digital outputs (DO) and 4 analog outputs (12-bit DAC) supporting current and voltage outputs.

The FC-20 is the first product in the FC range, designed to complement the EasyIO 30P and the awarding winning FG+ series. All of the FC series products are equipped with two RS485 ports. For Ethernet applications you can upscale to the 30P or one of the FG series controllers. All FC products are BACnet and Modbus selectable and can be programmed live and free via CPT Tools

The FC-20 has 20 points of I/O and is priced to meet most high volume applications and price points. The microprocessor based controller has 20 I/O to accommo –
date general and specific applications featuring BACnet MSTP and Modbus RTU communication protocols. The 20 IOs include, 12 Universal Inputs (UI) supporting current, voltage and resistance based sensor, 4 electrically isolated Digital Outputs (DO) and 4 Analog Outputs supporting current and voltage outputs.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply 24VAC +/- 5% or 20VDC ~ 34VDC
Consumption <11VA
Operating temp 0 to 65 °C (32 to 150 °F)
Storage temp -20 to 65 °C (-4 to 150 °F)
Operating humidity 10% to 95% relative humidity non-condensing

Dimensions 215 x 125 x 45 mm (L x W x H)
Material UL Approved Plastic
Weight 410g

Inputs & Outputs:
Universal Input 12xUI
12-Bit ADC (with PGA)
Voltage: 0 – 10V (+/- 0,01V).
Current: 4 – 20V (+/- 0,01mA).
Resistance: 0 ~ 30K (+/- 50 Ohm), 0~10K (+/- 5 Ohm) 0 ~ 1K (+/- 1 Ohm).
Thermistor Sensor: NTC 10K Type 2/3, 3K, 20K (+/-0,1°C).
RTD: 1K Balco, 1K Platinum (+/- 0,2°C).
Digital output 4xDO (with LED’s for status)
Type: Relay, SPST NO, 24Vac/Vdc, 2A
Universal Output 4xUO
12-Bit DAC
Voltage: 0~10V.
Current: 4~20mA.

Physical Interface 1 EIA-485 Two-wire, Half Duplex
(Port 1) Modbus Baud Rate:
Speed: 9,6K, 19,2K, 38,4K, 57,6K, 115,2K bit/s
Data Bit: 8 bits, Parity: None, Even Odd
Protocol: Modbus RTU, BACnet MSTP
Physical Interface 2 EIA-485 Two Wire, Half Duplex

(Port 2) Modbus Baud Rate:
Speed: 9,6K, 19,2K, 38,4K, 57,6K, 115,2K bit/s
Data Bit: 8 bits, Parity: None, Even Odd
Protocol: Modbus RTU (for Application Specific Application only)

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