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Energy dashboard installation


The problem and the solution

The University of Leeds contacted One Sightsolutions with a view to providing a dashboard solution via a web portal to allow staff and students of the University to view energy data indicating usage within the many buildings across the campus.

The dashboard was designed in conjunction with engineering staff at the University to indicate energy profiles in different views and over different periods. The data was collected from data collection devices pre-installed in the many buildings across the University.

The dashboard solution is hosted in the iBuilding Cloud by One Sightsolutions. This incorporates a Niagara AX Supervisor that uses the Niagara protocol to transfer data between the cloud based and site based instances of Niagara. The dashboards are enhanced by the inclusion of a DGLux visualization application.

One Sightsolutions provide the iBuilding cloud hosted solution, the cloud based Niagara AX solution and the DGLux application.

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