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Niagara 4 Advanced Engineering

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Introducing our brand new additional course, Niagara 4 Advanced Engineering. A course, exclusively curated and taught by us. With a duration of just one day, it is not only comprehensive, but time-saving & efficient. Requirement: Tridium Niagara 4 Certified

BCIA Winners 2018/2019

Course breakdown

What you could learn by going advanced

The course begins by introducing candidates to Tagging, Hierarchies & Templates by way of an overview and live demonstration. The aim of this is to explain how these features integrate within a Niagara station and what time saving & analytical benefits they bring to the table.

Over the course of the day, candidates will then get hands on and follow specially constructed practical labs where they will build a station by using a template, make use of tag libraries to build automatic Hierarchies and use network/device templates in order to gain a solid understanding of how efficiently a fully operation station may be deployed.

  • Multiple Hierarchies for navigation based on user roles.

  • Tagging allows for quick navigation and searching.

  • Templates for common/repeated integrations/stations.

  • Easy templating configuration via wizard.

  • Tag relationships define a navigation structure by building Hierarchies.

  • Multiple Custom tag dictionaries for standardisation across an organisation.

  • Auto population of navigation Hierarchies via device/point tags.

  • Tags, Logic and graphics can be embedded into easily deployable templates.

  • Easily ‘drag n drop’ data into additional views.

“I felt the course was very well run. I managed to get out of it more knowledge and understanding about the platform than I was expecting. The Niagara 4 training resources and equipment were excellent and helped the course to run smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. The instructor had the knowledge and patience to address all manner of questions, from the most in-depth to more obvious. As a result of the course my interest and enthusiasm for working with the Niagara Framework have certainly increased.”

“I have recently put 12 experienced engineers, including myself, through the One Sightsolutions Tridium Niagara 4 training program with great success. The decision to use One Sightsolutions was made easy after viewing the professional training facilities in Yateley. In addition to this, training staff is friendly and approachable. Another benefit is the central location, making it convenient for most of our Heathrow based staff”.

“The Course was first Class, out of all the training courses I have attended this was the most Enjoyable. Overall it was a great 5 days in which I learned a lot I previously didn’t know and look forward to future Courses.”

“Superb course, very intense, giving plenty of knowledge that I can put into real world use.”

Custom built UK training facility

We are proud to offer official Tridium Niagara 4, Distech Controls and EasyIo training
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