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Jace 8000 Niagara Framework Controllers

The JACE 8000 is available with a range of accessories.

Directly Connected Expansion Modules

  • EM-8000-LON – Expansion single port LON FTT10A module
  • EM-8000-2X-485 – Expansion dual port RS-485 module
  • EM-8000-232 – Expansion single port RS-232 module
  • EM-WPM-8000 – 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz. Wall adapter with 2.5mm barrel connector for 24V input on JACE 8000 and includes selectable UK, US. EU or AU plug
  • NPB-8000-KIT – Accessory kit includes 2.5/5GHz antenna, power and (2) RS-485 connectors.
  • EM-WIFI-EXT – Extension cable and bracket for JACE 8000 WLAN
  • EM-8000-OPT-KIT – Accessory kit includes (2) RS-485 and (1) LON-FTT10A connectors
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