Technical Support


In conjunction with our product distribution comes our reputable support services. Since the inception of One Sightsolutions we have been providing our customers with first class support on an expanse of frameworks. Our dedicated support team are fully qualified to assist with an array of software and hardware, making them knowledgeable and versatile to a multitude of systems and products. The support service is available online, through a web portal which contains a vast database of useful articles. We also provide first hand support via phone and email.


Our Knowledgable Technical Support team have extensive knowledge of a variety of protocols, software & hardware. Be it Tridium, Distech, iSMA etc, our staff have the experience to assist you every step of the way.

Furthermore we have developed Proven testing & RMA procedure.  Our support team resolve issues quickly, and to a high quality standard. 

Overall, our support is of industry leading standards. We strive to be the best. As as result, we are constantly improving our knowledge base and services. Meaning we are able to meet the ever changing demand of the market.


These services are available first hand, over the phone and via email. The dedicated technical support team provide renowned efficient responses and a ability to resolve issues within a short timeframe. Additionally, we focus on not only solving problems, but also explaining the resolution in depth. As a result, this ensures engineers can independently correct the issue if it reoccurs in future instances. Furthermore, on some occasions, we incorporate remote software to administer and demonstrate the resolution to the issue visually, and in real time. Ultimately, this not only helps the engineer identify fixes effectively, but can reduce the time it takes to crack the problem.

Speaking from a technical standpoint. I am always impressed with vast amount of specialist Tridium knowledge possessed by the team over at OneSight. The professional manner in which they deal with requests is exceptional. It is a rare occurrence I put down the phone with an unresolved issue.

James McLaren – Matrix