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The development of web application technology enables integrated BMS systems to be controlled and monitored on smart phones and other wireless technology via the IoT. A multitude of the solutions we offer maximise the benefits of this technology and as a result improving the efficiency and cost savings of your smart building. Whether it be visitor management, way-finding, security or energy monitoring, One Sightsolutions are committed to unlocking the potential of your building.


Visitor management

Speeding up the check-in process. Give your visitors a personalised, hassle-free experience which gives management notifications upon visitor arrival, allows for fast track check in which reduces queuing and automatically grants appropriate security access to that visitor. Easily monitor who is on site with live data.

Meeting room booking

Our meeting room booking technology saves considerable time looking for a room of the right size, at the right time and the right facilities. Book in advance online via your mobile or reserve a room at reception for later in the day.

Security accessibility

It is more important than ever for buildings to protect their data, facilities and personnel. Simple and secure systems can be installed to grant only those who have the required credentials, this could be from recognising a certain visitor’s check-in, a pin code or something as complex as bio-metrics.

Integrated Systems

Numerous systems can be integrated to your smart building significantly improving its efficiency and satisfaction to workers and visitors even before stepping inside. These include connected security systems that manage transport, security and outdoor landscape maintenance, which can be controlled and monitored internally or externally of your smart building. Create smarter performance through automated BMS and connected IoT applications.


Smart Arrival

Click around the image to explore the multitude of systems that can integrated to simply the arrival process.

Smart Arrival
CCTV Irrigation Parking space booking Number plate recognition



CCTV combined with occupancy sensors and access systems ensure building management have complete control over safety and security. Integrating smart systems can significantly improve your buildings efficiency as well as security. By utilising CCTV and other detection systems, room temperatures and lighting is reduced on the basis of non-occupancy.

Monitor alerted areas on your smart phone



Irrigation systems automatically monitor soil and rain conditions and irrigate them appropriately, providing a cost effective way of reducing water consumption costs. It has been proven that up to 25% of water consumption can be saved using an irrigation system without additionally having to change any other part of the landscape or watering system.

Automatically monitors rainfall and ensures irrigation systems are not used during a rain event

Parking space booking


Parking reservation system that collects data and provides information on how many spaces are available and what spaces are available for your smart building, with the potential to reserve spaces online via your smart phone. This enables workers and management to monitor space utilisation to help maximise efficiency and reduce costs, achieved using sensor systems, cameras and automatic barriers to provide information on a real time basis.

This is an ideal solution for areas with congestion or a lack of on/off street parking

Number plate recognition


The use of high quality algorithms ensures accurate vehicle number plate recognition upon entering and departing the premises, ensuring only permitted personal of your smart building are granted access to your car park. Additionally, these parking spaces can be booked using your smart phone via wireless technology. This ticket-less parking system provides convenience for workers and visitors, especially in a rush, with the ability to pay (if necessary) online or on your smart phone.

Highly automated parking system that saves time and costs

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Benefits of Master Integration

Realise how master integration can help optimise your smart building
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