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Energy monitoring solutions across the UK


One Sightsolutions were contracted to provide a nationwide solution for energy monitoring of various sites across the UK. Niagara AX was chosen as the product of choice due to its ability and ease of communicating data across BskyB’s intranet via IP connectivity. Main utility metering within each site was handled by smart meters connected to Niagara AX devices, then the resulting information relayed back to a central facility which included a Niagara AX Supervisor and eSight aM&T system.

Extensions to the original project are now taking place for critical alarm management and capacity management for various infrastructures. Easy to use web pages guide engineering staff around the UK by place name which then it turn provides hyperlinking to the applications required by various engineering and energy teams.

The original scope has provided an exceptional opportunity for expansion simply due to the power of the Niagara AX framework. Having intelligent controllers deployed around the UK but only using a small element of the resources available has provided the perfect platform to extend the applications for more systems than just energy monitoring. We have also been able to provide information through integration to a number of 3rd party organisations…

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