Residential/Apartment Control

  • Intelligent Single Interfaces

    Modern apartments being developed today have a very high standard of intelligent equipment installed. This provides a unique challenge for integrating a host of interfaces to provide a single operator interface that a resident can monitor and control all of their intelligent appliances from.

  • Remote Connection

    Most modern apartments will include Audio Visual, Lighting, BMS, Solar Blinds and Energy Monitoring technologies within an automated architecture. They are now equipped with an IP infrastructure which allows a resident to connect internally and remotely to his building. This in turn provides a view to the entire apartment with graphical representation being provided through a common interface.

  • Control from your smartphone

    The growth of smart phone and tablet technology is also providing a modern way for residents to see what is happening within an apartment and override temperature setpoints or adjust lighting control schedules, the opportunities are endless.

  • Linking Technology

    One Sightsolutions have the ability to link technology through a common interface utilizing ‘open’ protocols from each manufacturer’s product. This is normally achieved through IP and RS485 networks as dictated by the intelligent interface’s present in each system. Manufacturers sometimes deploy their interfaces via an ASCII text protocol utilizing RS232, again these options are easily connected thanks to the driver capabilities of the products used by One Sightsolutions.

  • Connecting Common Interfaces

    The opportunity for the landlord’s equipment to be connected to the same building architecture is also available. This provides a common interface from the primary equipment right down to local apartment usage and provides a route to metering devices for applications such as tenant billing for example.

Niagara 4

The choice of using a product like Niagara 4 has allowed many installations of this type to be deployed. One Sightsolutions works very closely with its partners to design, engineer and commission projects based around the Niagara 4 system, which in the wider Niagara Community also benefits from many additional Niagara interfaces such as Obix. This protocol when linked to aM&T systems provides a very slick data transfer between Niagara and metering systems.

Visualisation packages that again work alongside Niagara are providing stunning views of the apartment and the equipment installed.

The opportunities are endless, only limited by imagination. Technology which is moving at an alarming pace is being matched by the capabilities of Niagara 4.

Key Features

  • Provide a global interface to all equipment within the apartment, including AV, Lighting, Blinds and HVAC systems.
  • Access the system using modern technologies such as smart phones and tablets which provide the ability to change settings from remote locations.
  • View information from the apartment remotely via professional looking graphics with indication available on the status of systems, for instance the heating system.
  • View data such as utility consumption and associated costs accruing on tenant bills and how much water, gas and electricity has been used.
  • Reports indicating equipment failure sent to you via SMS text or email to allow a tenant to remotely manage his estate.

Energy Monitoring & Tenant Billing

Utility usage within an apartment will normally be billed out to the tenant based on a cost per unit of each utility being used. Although this may be an automated process between the landlord and tenant, the data should still be available to the tenant to view month by month data and also have the ability to view actual current meter readings. Having an integrated platform that has the ability to view data from various sources and then display onto a common interface using easy to navigate icons will allow a tenant to be comfortable in the knowledge that they have the information they require at their fingertips.

The ability to monitor the power consumed by individual items by having instantaneous readings for electricity and heat meters provides a very handy tool when looking to reduce energy consumption in the apartment. For all utilities, there will be a readout on the individual meter indicating total usage, however meters are quite often out of easy reach, above ceilings or in locked cupboards. By having a validated reading on the common user interface allows a tenant to be able to view meter readings without accessing the actual meters.

Environmental Control

Within an apartment the ventilation system will be programmed to maintain comfortable internal conditions. This will relate to Heating and Cooling systems as well as Air Conditioning units. Each room in the apartment is very likely to have an individual control setpoint applied to it and having the ability to change this locally in the room or via an integrated system using a smart interface is now the normal and acceptable solution. Maintaining comfort conditions across the whole apartment has now become very easy to implement. Combine this with integration to the lighting system to set mood or scene settings or interfacing to the AV system. Everything has now become a possibility.

The ability to view the history of room temperatures, lighting status or heating equipment over a period of time will provide the tenant some comfort in knowing they are not overheating, over cooling or have lighting on when not required. The obvious net result from having equipment or lighting running when not required is an overuse of energy causing higher than required energy bills. A common automated system has the added ability to warn tenants that things are running wild via text or email services, just one of the many options that become available within a Niagara 4 system.

3rd Party Integration

Modern residences provide the possibility of having a multitude of systems installed within a single apartment. This ranges from the heating controls, AV systems, Lighting systems, Blind controllers and Energy monitoring. Although a huge majority of these solutions could be provided by a single vendor, the reality is that this will be distributed around a number of different suppliers. However with today’s technology if a number of independent suppliers have been used, then there is normally an integration path to bring all of the services into one common platform. Niagara 4 having interfaces to all ‘open’ protocols is the perfect platform to provide one seamless solution to a tenant.

Our experience within this environment has provided us with a wealth of knowledge in most integration processes and we have successfully integrated tenant billing, lighting, solar blonds, HVAC, access and AV systems. The communications can be two way, which means a heating setpoint can be adjusted through the AV system and the metering system is able to set tenant home and away signals, many options become available. It is all possible as long as the initial solution proposed has provided the ability for the integration paths to be implemented.