Telepulse Range

The Black Pear family includes the TelePulse. The well established range of radio telemetry equipment.

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Connsider the problem of having to get a signal, be it analogue, digital or a pulse train, from a location, say 300 metres from where it is required. Not only will it use a sizeable amount of cable but that cable will then need either to be laid underground or wired around a building. This can be both time-consuming and expensive.
Microtrol has developed a low cost system that removes the need for cable altogether. Using the 434Mhz radio band, the TelePulse range of modules can accept pulse, analogue and digital signals and regenerate them up to 350 metres away (greater distances can be achieved by using repeater modules).
Ideal for transferring signals between buildings, across roads, to and from continuously moving machines, as well as for temporary monitoring situations.
Telepulse has found uses in a range of industrial situations including utility monitoring , footfall count, remote activation systems and environmental monitoring in heritage buildings.

We offer a full range of options, including battery powered systems.


TX Transmitter Modules
2363                        8 Channel Pulse Input
2379                        8 Channel Digital Input
2388                        4 Channel Analogue Input
2452                        2 Channel Pulse Input
2417                        2 Channel Pulse Input (low Power)
RX Receiver Modules
2364                       8 Channel Pulse Output
2380                       8 Channel Digital Output
2457-1 M                1 Slave Modbus
2457-2 M                2 Slave Modbus
2457-4 M                4 Slave Modbus
2457-8 M                8 Slave Modbus
2457-16 M            16 Slave Modbus
RX & TX Analogue Modules
2546                     Temperature  (LP) TX
2548                     Temp Humidity & Lux (LP) TX
2542-1                  4   Slave Modbus/Trend RX
2542-2                  8   Slave Modbus/Trend RX
2542-3                  16 Slave Modbus/Trend RX
Additional Modules
2378                        Standard Repeater
2408                        Compact Repeater
2416                        Active Aerial
2505                        USB configuration Unit
2555                        External Temperature Sensor