RS-DL Series

RS-DL Series

From a simple temperature sensor to our LCD screen control unit, all RS Series room sensor devices allow to optimize energy management in a room. According to the selected model, user can adjust ambient temperature, fan speed and manage the occupancy mode.

Two room sensor types are available depending on the technology needed for your installation:

– Analog

– Digital

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  • All room sensor device measures the ambient temperature in a room (NTC sensor integrated)
  • The RS-LCD also displays the ambient temperature
  • It allows the user to adjust room comfort parameters manually: buttons dedicated for fan speed selection, temperature set-point adjustment and room occupancy mode.


  • Adaptable

    The room sensor device is adapted to new and existing buildings

  • Secure

    It is fixed onto the wall

  • Definable

    It is possible to define the room occupancy mode to start the programmed comfort parameters.