OSS-FC Series

OSS-FC Series

Networkable Fan Coil Controller

The fan coil package consists of 2 parts, the thermostat and the OSS-FC controller module. The controller incorporates a configurable fan coil algorithm, variable three speed fan control and either modulating or digital heating and cooling outputs.

• Fully congurable application specic controller
• Connects to room thermostat via 3 wires
• Native BACnet MS/TP or Modbus
communication (selectable)
• 24, 120 or 240Vac
• Up to 11 inputs and 15 outputs


Technical Specifications

Increased Flexibility

• BACnet scheduler

• Firmware upgradeable via BACnet

• Copy and paste conguration via BACnet

• COV (change of value)

• BACnet or Modbus communication protocol selectable via thermostat menu

• Select direction on analog outputs

• Select thermostat’ s default display

• More outputs: 4 Triac and 4 Analog outputs

• And more…

Control Features

– 4 analog inputs (0-10Vdc or 10K Ohms)
– 3 dedicated analog sensor inputs
– 4 dedicated digital sensor inputs

– 4 analog outputs (configurable)
– 4 TRIAC outputs (configurable)
– 3 fan outputs
– Up to 4 digital outputs (configurable)

• Real Time Clock (RTC) with 24 hour backup

• Congurable PI (Proportional-Integral) function

• Selectable proportional control band and dead band

• 3-speed or ECM (analog) fan control

• Selectable internal or external temperature sensor (10K Ω)

• Change over by contact or external temperature sensor

• Freeze protection

Typical Application