JACE Option Cards & Power Supplies

The JACE 3E and 6E range of controllers are compatible with a selection of  expansion cards & power supplies that allow flexibility of installation & additional communications ports. GPRS option cards for example provide direct connectivity via mobile networks, ideal for remote or ‘satellite’ sites.

Power Supplies
PMPEUP – 90-240vac to 15Vdc Wall Adaptor – European Plug type
PMPUKP – 90-240vac to 15Vdc Wall Adaptor – UK Plug type
PMD2VA – 90-240vac to 15vdc DIN rail mounting PSU 20VA
PME3VA – 90-240vac to 15vdc DIN rail mounting PSU 30VA

Option Cards – Supported by JACE 3E and JACE 6E ranges
JOCLON – LON Adapter option card
JOCGPR – GPRS modem option card
GPREXT – Extension cable and mounting bracket for GPRS modem option card
JOC485 – RS485 x 2 Adaptor option card
JOC232 – RS232 x 1 Adaptor option card
JOCZWV – Z-Wave option card with antennae
ZWVEXT – Extension cable and mounting bracket for Z-Wave option card