Tridium JACE 8000

Jace 8000
The JACE 8000 is a compact, embedded IoT (Internet of Things) controller and server platform for connecting multiple and diverse devices and sub-systems. With Internet connectivity and Web-serving capability, the JACE 8000 controller provides integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management. It streams data and rich graphical displays to a standard Web browser via an Ethernet or wireless LAN, or remotely over the Internet.

Jace 8000


Tridium has created an all-new hardware platform optimised for Niagara 4: the JACE 8000 controller. This “next-generation” controller is a dramatic evolution in connecting and controlling devices worldwide. Moreover, the Jace 8000 features a new global design that functions with legacy systems. In addition to this, it also supports multiple protocols, meaning it can be applied to existing systems. Consequently, this scale-able solution is everything you need to bring your BMS into the future of Smart & Connected Buildings.



Tridium’s new modular design of the JACE 8000 controller makes it easy to install, integrate and deploy. Furthermore, installation complexity is reduced as it is tool-less to install. In addition to this, the JACE 8000 offers expansion capability, which as a result improves flexibility. Consequently, systems integrators can now focus on engineering solutions, not assembling components. This is turn makes their lives simplified, as the JACE comes with a global power supply and improved access to standard enclosures.

Jace 8000


Not only does it feature a new design, the JACE 8000 controller also leverages the exciting new features of Niagara 4. One way being that it adds to the enhanced user experience, maximising Niagara 4’s key advantages. Subsequently, these advantages include: A pure Web interface based on HTML5 with HTML5 views. As well as charting and data visualisation, a common design language, better reporting, robust security and finally improved device management. Additionally, combined with simple configuration, tool-less installation, low-cost integration and high-powered performance, the controller is a dramatic evolution in connecting and controlling devices worldwide.


Furthermore, the Jace 8000 features Wi-Fi. As a result this offers enhanced wireless capability when interfacing, particularly with the next generation of wireless sensors and devices. Moreover, the JACE 8000 controller is also configurable as an access point, meaning mobile phones and tablets can also display information and advanced graphics. Finally, Expansion also is available when interfacing with other wireless fieldbuses, seen in connected buildings.