iSMA-B-FCU is a fully programmable controller, built with the aim of controlling the FCU. The controller is factory-equipped with the two most popular open communication protocols ModbusASCII/RTU and BACnet/MSTP, which are selected using the DIP switches.

To minimize time and simplify commissioning prices the controller is equiped with universal application, which supports the most popular types of FCU. The DIP-switch allows the user to adjust the parameters of the application. Additionally, in the BACnet protocol, the application has the built-in function which allows to automatically bind Master and Slave controllers in the groups (20 groups on the bus, up to 6 devices in one group).

In the case of if the application does not meet the project requirements, it can be modified or created from scratch. Modification of the application is possible in real-time by USB port or using a simulator on a PC in off-line mode. There are three hardware versions which have  different types of  Outputs and power supply.


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Key Features

  •  Pre-loaded universal application
  • Supports a 2-pipe or 4-pipe system
  • Adjust the application by using the dedicated DIP-switch
  • Programming in real-time
  • Bulit-in 18 Inputs/Outputs
  • A fast processor with ARM core
  • Modbus ASCII/RTU or BACnet MSTP


  • Inputs

    • 4x Special Input – voltage, resistance, dry contact
    • 4x Digital Input – dry contact
  • Outputs

    • 3x Digital Output 6 A (Fan Speed)
    • 1x Digital Output 10 A (electric heater)
    • 1x Digital Output 6 A (cooling actuator)
    • 2x Triac 0,5 A @ 230 V AC or 0,5 A/0,3 A* @ 24 V AC (heating and cooling actuators)
    • 3x Analog Outputs 0-10 V DC (heating, cooling actuators and Fan Speed)
  • Platform

    • ARM Cortex-M4
  • Power Supply

    • 230 V AC or 24 V AC
  • Communication

    • Interface RS485 half duplex
    • Up to 128 devices on the bus
    • Protocols: Modbus or BACnet
    • Baud rate: 4800 to 115200 bps
  • Housing

    • Dimension:123,6×136,6×54,5 mm, (123,6×171,2×54,9 mm) with plastic cover for terminals
    • Construction: plastic, self-extinguishing (PC/ABS)
    • DIN rail mounting DIN (DIN EN 50022 norm)
    • Cooling: internal air circulation
  • Environment

    • Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C
    • Storage temperature: -40°C to 85°C
    • Relative humidity: 5% to 95%, no condensation
    • Ingress Protection Rating: IP40 – for indoor installation