Tridium IO34

IO-34 Module

The IO-34 Input/Output Module allows JACE® controllers to extend monitoring and control applications to include inputs and outputs located at the JACE®. The module supports a mix of analog and digital inputs and outputs — (16) universal inputs, (10) relay outputs,and (8) analog outputs.

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The Vykon® IO-34 is a compact direct I/O module for auxiliary monitoring and control when used with a JACE-2 or JACE-6 series controller (JACE-2/6), or other JACE® platforms as identified in their respective data sheets. This option expands the JACE by an additional 34 logic-controlled points. Included are 16 universal inputs, 10 form “A” (SPST) relay outputs, and 8 analog (voltage only) outputs. This greatly expands the JACE’s monitoring and control capabilities with fast, reliable, direct inputs and outputs for monitoring power,temperature, humidity, and status. In addition, the IO-34 provides power to the attached JACE, using either an externally-supplied 24Vac transformer or 24Vdc power supply.

The on-board I/O can be used to monitor pulse contacts from power/demand meters, analog sensors, or transducers, as well as to control energy-consuming devices such as fans, lights, or pumps with digital relay outputs. Also included are eight analog outputs to proportionally control dampers, valves, and other devices. A maximum of one IO-34 module may be used per JACE. However, two (2) additional IO-16 modules can also be used, to provide a total of 32 UIs, 18 relay outputs, and 16 analog output points.