ECLYPSE Wi-Fi Adapter

ECLYPSE Wi-Fi Adapter

The ECLYPSE Wi-Fi Adapter enables wireless connectivity options for ECLYPSE controllers, including Wi-Fi client, access point, hotspot and mesh.

Enables wireless connectivity options for ECLYPSE controllers with IT infrastructure as well as between ECLYPSE controllers – Wi-Fi client, access point, hotspot and mesh networks

Multiple installation options

Can also be used to establish a hotspot  for programming, servicing and commissioning systems

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Key Features

The ECLYPSE Wi-Fi Adapter enables an ECLYPSE Connected System Controller or an ECLYPSE Connected VAV Controller to wirelessly communicate on a Wi-Fi network. Its flexible architecture makes it usable as a Wi-Fi client, Wi-Fi access point/hotspot and in a Wi-Fi mesh network (802.11s).

The ECLYPSE Wi-Fi Adapter can be used to connect to or create a wireless network in a permanent installation. It can also be used to provide a control technician with connectivity through a Wi-Fi hotspot for programming, commissioning, and troubleshooting.

  • IP Wireless (Wi-Fi) Connection

    The following types of Wi-Fi connections are possible when using the ECLYPSE Wi-Fi Adapter:

    • Wi-Fi Client – Connection to the building’s existing Wi-Fi network or to another controller’s Wi-Fi Hotspot or Access Point.
    • Wi-Fi Access Point – extending the building’s wired IP network to your Wi-Fi Client devices.
    • Wi-Fi Hotspot – your own wireless area network, for wireless communication between the controllers, or with a mobile device or laptop for configuration, commissioning and servicing.
    • Wi-Fi Mesh – allowing multiple controllers to communicate with each other over a robust, self-healing network, with multiple communication paths. Wi-Fi Mesh also allows for a larger wireless coverage area.
  • Lower Installation Costs

    When using the ECLYPSE Wi-Fi Adapter in a permanent installation, labor and material costs can be reduced by eliminating the need for Ethernet cables and the time associated with pulling those cables.