ECLYPSE Connected Equipment Controllers – ECY-303 Series

ECLYPSE Connected Equipment Controllers – ECY-303 Series

The ECLYPSE Connected Equipment Controller is designed to satisfy the needs of a wide range of HVAC applications such as small and medium terminal applications. It integrates a control, automation and connectivity server, power supply, and I/O in one convenient package. It supports BACnet/IP communications and is a listed BACnet Building Controller (BBC). In addition, the ECY-303-M3 model supports Modbus to connect to meters, Variable Frequency Drives, etc.


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ECLYPSE Connected Equipment Controllers – ECY-303 Series

Key Features

This programmable controller comes with an embedded web server that enables web-based application configuration and a visualization interface. It also features embedded scheduling, alarming, and logging. Control logic and graphic user interface can be customized as required for the application.

The ECLYPSE Connected Equipment Controller meets zone application requirements, including:

  • Rooftop unit, fancoil unit, small air handling unit, heat pump, and chilled beam
  • Lighting, power monitoring, and other applications.


The different types of connections supported by the Connected Equipment

Controller are the following:

  • IP Wired Connection

    Internal switch with two Ethernet ports allows the controllers to be wired in a star or daisychain topology. With a daisy-chain topology:

    • Fewer wire runs to a centralized switch are required, thereby achieving installation and cost reduction.
    • A laptop can be connected to the second Ethernet port for direct programming, configuration, and commissioning using ECgfxProgram or ENVYSION.
  • IP wireless (Wi-Fi) connection

    The following types of Wi-Fi connections are possible when using the ECLYPSE Wi-Fi Adapter:

    • Wi-Fi Client – Connection to the building’s existing Wi-Fi network or to another controller’s Wi-Fi Hotspot or Access Point.
    • Wi-Fi Access Point – extending the building’s wired IP network to your Wi-Fi Client devices.
    • Wi-Fi Hotspot – your own wireless area network, for wireless communication between the controllers, or with a mobile device or laptop for configuration, commissioning and servicing.

The Connected Equipment Controller is a plug and play device that saves time and money since no programming or graphic design is needed as it comes with ENVYSION™ Viewer and the associated preloaded rooftop unit applications and graphics pre-installed. Also, no additional tools are required; only a web-browser is needed when you are using the pre-loaded application through ENVYSION. If the pre-loaded application does not meet the application requirements, you can program it using EC-gfxProgram.

xpressENVYSION offers a simplified and streamlined experience in a workflow oriented, drag & drop GUI environment while ENVYSION still offers the full customization features and editing environment.

– The Connected Equipment Controller comes embedded with ENVYSION Viewer and xpressENVYSION.

  • Both IP wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) connection

    The availability of both Ethernet ports and USB ports for the Wi-Fi Adapter, allows for simultaneous wired IP and Wi-Fi communication on the same controller, allowing you to choose and combine these connection methods. For example, Wi-Fi can be used between two controllers to jump a large atrium.

  • Connect from anywhere

    Control technicians, facility managers, occupants, and others can easily connect to the system, on-site or off-site, using the different available tools:

    • ENVYSION to create and view the graphical interface
    • EC-gfxProgram to create custom control sequences
    • myDC Control to view, edit, and configure system operating parameters
  • Open RESTful API

    With the RESTful API, the Connected Equipment Controller’s data can be accessed from different applications, such as energy dashboards, analytics tools, and mobile applications. The RESTful API documentation explains the implementation protocol for this interface

IP Communication

  • The controller can be part of a Wi-Fi mesh network that increases wireless network reliability and robustness that allows for a larger coverage area. Wi-Fi mesh is ideal for areas where there is no line of sight or where radio signals are intermittently blocked.

  • Control technicians can connect the ECLYPSE Wi-Fi Adapter to the Connected Equipment Controller thereby creating a WiFi Hotspot network. The control technician can then connect wirelessly to the system using a mobile device or laptop, for faster, easier system configuration, programming, commissioning and servicing.

  • Increased speed and improved handling of numerous trend logs that enable applications such as advanced analytics that require a large amount of data.
  • Experience faster response and save time when programming, configuring, creating and viewing graphics, and upgrading your system.

  • Hostname management allows the controller to be addressed by a nickname to facilitate network management.


Distech Controls’ EC-gfxProgram

Supports Distech Controls’ EC-gfxProgram, which makes Building Automation System (BAS) programming effortless by allowing you to visually assemble building blocks together to create a custom control sequence for any HVAC / building automation application.

EC-gfxProgram projects can be downloaded in batch to multiple controllers, for greater time savings. Batch firmware update can also be performed on multiple controllers

  • Simplified Network Commissioning

    The XpressNetwork Utility saves you time and expense by giving you increased control over multiple ECLYPSE controllers through device discovery and batch operations such as configuring and updating multiple ECLYPSE controllers on the network. In addition, with the embedded step by step Commissioning Wizard, all configuration operations can be setup and applied in one go. Increase productivity using the XpressNetwork Companion mobile app, making it easier to identify and locate a controller on the network. Use the QR Code marked on ECLYPSE controllers to easily collect key controller data and to facilitate its network integration with XpressNetwork Utility.

  • BACnet/IP Device

    The Connected Equipment Controller is BTLlisted as a BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) and is certified WSP B-BC (Europe) and AMEV AS-A & AS-B (German-speaking countries). It supports BACnet/IP for faster communication in comparison to the traditional twisted pair communication bus

  • Multi-Protocol Support

    The Connected Equipment Controller optionally supports both Modbus TCP devices by connecting them to the controller’s IP network and Modbus RTU devices by connecting them directly to the controller’s RS-485 port. Controllers with the Modbus communications option can integrate a wide variety of Modbus devices such as power and water meters, Variable Frequency Drives, air flow sensors, and more, without the need for additional hardware such as a gateway

Supports Smart Room Control Solution

The Smart Room Control solution is an end-toend system for the control of HVAC equipment, lighting, and shades/sunblinds, achieving the highest levels of comfort for occupants while cutting costs from installation time and wiring/ material requirements to energy consumption. This solution combines:

  • Lighting and shade/sunblind expansion modules to control lights (DALI, on/off or dimming) and shades/sunblinds (24 VDC or 100-240 VAC, up/down and angle rotation).
  • Multi-sensor combining motion and luminosity (Lux) sensors and equipped with an Infrared receiver that works with a convenient remote control.
  • Wireless (infrared) personal remote control for increased occupant comfort.

Weather Forecast

The weather forecast is directly available from the internet to be shown on a connected ECxDisplay or to be used by the controller’s code.

I/O Status LEDs

The status LEDs allows the user to confirm the status of the inputs/outputs and facilitate commissioning and troubleshooting.

Robust Protection

The I/Os are protected against mis-wiring and faults to prevent damage caused by incorrect wiring or other mishaps.


Allure™ Series Communicating Sensor Support

These controllers work with a wide range of sensors, such as the Allure Series Communicating Sensors that are designed to provide intelligent sensing and control devices for increased user experience and energy efficiency.

  • Allure EC-Smart-Vue sensors feature a backlit-display and graphical menus that provide precise environmental zone control, with any combination of the following: temperature, humidity, CO2 , and motion sensor.

  • Allure EC-Smart-Comfort sensors feature colored LED indicators to provide user feedback, rotary knobs to adjust the setpoint offset and fan speed, and an occupancy override push button. This sensor can also be expanded with a combination of up to 4 add-on push button modules for lighting and shade/ sunblind control.

  • Allure EC-Smart-Air sensors combine precise environmental sensing in a discreet and alluring enclosure for temperature, humidity, and CO2 .

  • Mobility

    The controller can be remotely accessed to program, configure, or maintain the installation thus reducing costs associated with on-site visits. Through a mobile device or PC, a range of tasks can be performed using the following free-to-use tools and interfaces:

    • ENVYSION web-based graphic design and visualization interface
    • EC-gfxProgram graphical programming interface
    • myDC Control mobile application
  • Software Configurable Outputs

    For greater flexibility, two of the controller’s outputs can be software configured to function either as a universal output (0 or 12VDC, PWM, Floating, 0 to 10VDC, 0 to 20mA) or as a digital 24VAC triac output.

  • Color-Coded, Rising Cage Terminals

    Terminal blocks are uniquely identified and color-coded for clarity and to prevent wiring mistakes. The rising cage clamp terminal block connectors offer a more robust and secure wire connection, designed to withstand activity and vibrations.

  • Alarms, Trend Log, Schedule Support

    Embedded alarms, trend log and schedule support allows for fully distributed data and logic providing a more robust system. Embedded trend logs simplify system troubleshooting when compared to a centralized system.

  • Email Notifications Service

    Technicians & facility managers can receive automatic email notifications for system status and alarms to ensure faster system servicing and response time. Email notification text can be customized to provide pertinent information about the issue at hand.