ECL-PTU Series

ECL-PTU Series

The ECL-PTU Series are microprocessor-based programmable controllers designed to control powered terminal units such as powered fan coil units, heat pumps units, and chilled beams. Additionally, these HVAC applications can support various pipe configurations such as 4-pipe, 2-pipe, and 4-pipe and 1-coil using a 6-way valve. These controllers use the LonTalk® communication protocol and are LonMark certified as SCC Fan Coil controllers.

ECL-PTU Series

LonMark® Certified Powered Terminal Unit Programmable Controllers

This series contains five models: ECL-PTU-107, ECL-PTU-207, ECL-PTU-208, ECL-PTU-307 and ECL-PTU-308. These controllers support various input types including resistance, voltage, pulse, and digital-based ones. Moreover, they provide analog, floating, and proportional control outputs for valves, electric heaters and fans.This series can control up to 8 lights and 8 shades / sunblinds through ECx-Light/Blind modules. These are expansion modules that operate off of a separate sub-bus, giving this controller the ability to manage lighting and shades / sunblinds for a full cross-management solution operating from a single network point.


Meets the requirements of the following applications:
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Heat Pumps
  • Chilled Beams
  • Reversible Ceiling with 6-way valves
  • Lighting fixtures and shade/sunblind motors when associated to ECx-Light/Blind expansion modules


These controllers work with a wide range of sensors, including Allure™ EC-Smart-Vue, Allure EC-Smart-Comfort, and Allure EC-Smart-Air Series of communicating sensors. These sensors are used for indoor temperature measurement, setpoint adjustment, fan speed selection, and occupancy override. Some models include CO2 sensing and motion detection to allow the system to adjust to actual operating conditions for increased energy savings. In addition, these controllers are Open-to-Wireless™ ready, and when paired with the Wireless Receiver, they work with a variety of wireless battery-less sensors and switches.

  • Preloaded Applications

    Preloaded applications save setup time: One technician can locally configure and troubleshoot the controller with an Allure EC-Smart-Vue sensor without any need for a programming interface.

  • Expandable

    Expandable with lighting and shades / sunblinds expansion modules that enable smart cross-management of HVAC, lighting, and shades / sunblinds to build the Integrated Room Control Solution, for up to 45% energy savings

  • Optional Wireless Receiver

    Available with an optional Wireless Receiver that supports up to 24 wireless inputs, letting you create wire-free installations and use various wireless battery-less sensors and switches


Universal power supply allows for direct connection to the mains (no external transformer) for improved reliability


Can be operated as a stand-alone unit or as part of a networked system to suit any installation requirement


LonMark SCC Fan Coil certified, guaranteeing interoperability with other manufacturers’ LonMark certified controllers

  • Protective Block Cover

    Optional strain relief and terminal block covers provide enhanced electrical protection that can reduce installation costs by eliminating the need for a protective enclosure (when allowed by local regulations)

  • Digital Outputs

    Powered digital outputs allow for direct connection of controlled loads to save installation time and wiring costs

  • Low Power Consumption

    Optimized hardware design has ultra-low power consumption

  • 24 VAC Power Supply

    Some models have a 24 VAC power supply that can be used to power analog input damper and valve actuators thereby eliminating the need for a transformer