EC-Remote Series

EC-Remote Series

The EC-Remote Series remote controls allow users to remotely manage all the comfort parameters of a room: lighting, shades / sunblinds, temperature, fan speed and occupancy.

An embedded NTC sensor for ambient temperature measurement and display is also available as an option.

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Key Features

The EC-Remote Series remote controls can be linked to the following different technologies to meet the requirements of your installation:

– Infrared

– Radio (in certain countries only)

– EnOcean (in certain countries only)

These technologies can be linked to radio, infrared or EnOcean accessories such as receivers, multi-sensors, switches, etc. The remote control sends commands to these accessories to control lighting, sunblind or HVAC controllers. The EC-Remote Series remote controls can be used wall-mounted or as a stand-alone accessory which may be combined with a wall-mounted holder.


  • HVAC control
  • Lighting control
  • Shades / sunblinds control
  • Temperature control (optional)



HVAC, lighting and shades / sunblinds management from a single accessory
Up to 8 lighting groups and 8 blinds groups handled simultaneously or separately
Scheduling standard occupancy hours to optimize energy efficiency of the building while preserving occupancy comfort
Different technologies available to suit new construction and retrofitting