EC-NetAX Enervue

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EC-NetAX EnerVue is a configurable, graphical Web-based energy management dashboard application that provides rapid identification of real-time and historical trends in key areas of operations, including energy use, mechanical and electrical systems, operational efficiencies, and critical metrics. EC-NetAX EnerVue provides the opportunity for users to quickly identify issues, assess relationships, and take action in order to optimize resource efficiencies and sustainability by reducing volumes of data from disparate systems into visual knowledge.

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EC-NetAX EnerVue

Energy Management Dashboard Application
  • Equally useful for both new structures as well as retrofits.

  • Offers real-time and historical data viewlets which allow for immediate identification of “energy anomalies” including after-hours runtime, set point overrides and adjustments via the automation system and demand side management opportunities.

  • Intuitive tool that enables comparisons between buildings, campuses, and departments and allows assessments to be made in order to foster improved energy awareness.

  • Enables clear visualization and documentation for building commissioning, as well as tools for validation of sustainable designs.

  • Provides timely tracking of enhanced savings as a result of investments in conservation or capital projects.


EC-NetAX Enervue Mobile

EC-NetAX Enervue 2.4 now features mobile support for select viewlets. EC-NetAX EnerVue Servlets can now be accessed on any mobile device that supports HTML5, which includes iOS and Android. The new mobile UI displays a list of HTML5 compatible viewlets which are displayed using HTML5. Viewlets can also be exported to HTML5 using the “Share Viewlet” feature, which allows embedding of viewlets into 3rd party web pages.

  • Customizable Dashboard

    Due to the wide range of potential users, from the highly technical to the non-technical, ECNetAX EnerVue was designed to provide each user with their own unique dashboard client. The dashboard can easily be set up and modified from a growing library of “viewlets” by any user without affecting any other users’ preferences and settings.

  • Stand-Alone Module

    For single sites or smaller footprints, EC-NetAX EnerVue will run as a stand-alone module on an EC-BOSAX, eliminating the need for additional PCs based on Software as a Service (SaaS). EC-NetAX EnerVue allows owners to start small, yet remains scalable to fit any company’s growing needs.

  • Optional Viewlets

    EC-NetAX EnerVue offers an extensive library of optional viewlets that permit the analysis of various data, histories, and metrics, including energy trends, building comparisons, weather data, network status, consumption efficiencies, key performance indices, and more. EC-NetAX EnerVue can even display Web pages hosted by a third party, thus preserving prior investments while enabling side-by-side comparisons of operating graphics with related variables and performance trends.

Viewlet Library

A growing library of Viewlets empowers users to leverage their building data with a diverse library of visualization and analytic tools

Auto Discovery Wizard

Allows users to efficiently identify and map the information from many sources, including meters, databases, or automation systems into multiple viewlets.

Data Normalization

Provides the ability to normalize data such as energy consumption, and account for differences in square footage, etc.

Greentips Slideshow

Pictoral slideshow of viewlets showcasing energy-saving tips provides users with a highly informative and visually attractive display, perfect for kiosks

The Kiosk Manager

Fully configurable with settings for viewlets, tabs, and informational popups. This helps foster “grass-roots” support, while highlighting the energy initiatives of corporate and public sustainability awareness campaigns.

Utility Bill Manager

Provides an easy to use interface to manage utility bills. Bills can be added, edited and removed directly from the interface. This provides an easy way to incorporate utility bills into your dashboard.
  • User-Centric

    Each user can create, view and modify their own EnervueServlet “on-the-fly” in minutes, thus enabling them to focus on current or rapidly changing conditions for their area of responsibility.

  • Virtual Naming

    Data mapped into EC-NetAX Enervue can be given “friendly” (recognizable) names without impacting the underlying control and meter database

  • Ownership

    Avoid cloud-based dashboard applications by hosting your dashboard on your server and network, behind your firewall. Say goodbye to hosting fees and concerns over data ownership

  • Equivalency Conversions

    Allows for “one-click” display of selected trends in equivalent units, such as kWh to dollars or metric tons of CO2.

  • Viewlet Export Options

    Viewlets can be exported as an image file, or as an image within a PDF file. Their tabular data can also be exported in CSV format for instant use in reports and technical documents.

  • Localization for Language and Currency

    Dashboards can operate in multiple languages, even within the same installation, enabling multilingual, user-specific implementations.

  • Users can benchmark locations against one another. Engage your tenants, employees, students, etc. to actively participate in lowering their energy usage in a fun and competitive way. Use EC-NetAX Enervue to give real-time feedback on the results of the competition period.

  • Provides integrated views of facility contribution to business profitability, such as energy cost per production unit.

  • Guest accounts permit administrators to build views for a target audience, but prevent the guest users from accidentally modifying the intended setup. This feature helps protect important configurations while “publishing” information to a large audience.

  • Built with an open source framework for building and maintaining expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems.