EC-Multi-Sensor Series

EC-Multi-Sensor Series

The EC-Multi-Sensor Series combines a motion detector, a light sensor, a temperature sensor, and an infrared receiver in a single compact device.

This allows the ECLYPSE™ Connected System Controllers, ECLYPSE Connected VAV Controllers, ECL/ECB-PTU Series controllers, and ECL/ECB-VAV controllers to receive input signals from EC-Remote Series remote controls and to acquire presence, light level and temperature information to control all comfort parameters in a room according to the occupancy status.

Key Features

The EC-Multi-Sensor can be directly connected to a controller or an expansion module with a digital RJ45 link or daisy-chained using an ECx-Subnet-Adapter. It can be used alone, or together with a remote control.

  • Achieve energy efficiency:

    • Through occupancy-based control with motion sensor to readjust the space temperature setpoint and manage lighting
    • Luminosity sensor to automatically adjust the light power to the required light level
  • Infrared receiver

    Infrared receiver enables the use of the EC-Remote remote control, which empowers a room occupant to easily adjust the comfort parameters in a room (lighting, sunblind, temperature, and fan speed)

  • Discreet temperature sensor

    Discreet temperature sensor for ceiling temperature measurement in areas where a wall sensor cannot be used


  • “4-in-1” communicating sensors – one wire, one connection, three (3) sensing capabilities (temperature, luminosity, and motion sensing) and infrared reception

  • Compact style and discreet in-ceiling installation for optimized motion sensing performances

  • Adjustable motion sensing sensitivity to fine tune presence detection

  • Luminosity sensor features human-eye response for precise illuminance measurement under diverse lighting conditions

  • Both power and communications pass through a single Cat 5e cable for reduced installation costs and for easier installation or system retrofit
  • Compatible with the EC-Remote Series for a user-friendly management of all the room comfort parameters

  • Directly adressable via a rotary switch to facilitate configuration

  • Optimize energy use according to the actual building’s conditions:

    • Control heating and cooling setback through motion sensing and temperature measurement

    • Control lighting through occupancy detection

  • Daisy-chaining capabilities for maximum adjustment to the actual room characteristics (requires an ECx-Subnet-Adapter – not provided)