EC-gfxProgram Graphical Programming Interface

EC-gfxProgram Graphical Programming Interface

Distech Controls EC-gfxProgram is a graphical programming interface that allows you to visually assemble building blocks together as necessary to create a custom control sequence for any HVAC/building automation application. By “dragging and dropping” a few block objects from the EC-gfxProgram’s vast library and connecting them with a simple “click, select, and release” process, you can quickly and easily assemble common control sequences and customized applications specific to your needs.

Designed to program Distech Controls’ ECB Series BACnet®, ECL Series LONWORKS®, and ECLYPSETM ECY Series controllers.

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Graphical Programming Interface for Programmable Controllers
  • BAS Graphical Programming Interface

    • Block-oriented programming reduces user’s learning curve and results in fewer errors making it a faster and more intuitive programming method.
    • Customizable blocks enable the creation of unique functions and programs.
    • Reduces language barriers in international environments.
  • Access Methods for ECB, ECL, and ECY Series Controllers

    Launch EC-gfxProgram in different ways to connect to your ECB, ECL, and ECY Series controllers using:

    • The EC-NetAX Wizard for ECB, ECL, and ECY Series controllers
    • The LNS Plug-in such as Lonwatcher 3 for ECL controllers
    • Standalone access (PC’s desktop) for a direct connection to ECY Series controllers

Simultaneous Update to Multiple Devices

Send your terminal application code to multiple devices at once for easier deployment and update. This eliminates the tedious task of downloading code to each individual device one by one.

Resource Viewer

Quick access to manage, monitor, and override the values of Inputs, Outputs, Constants, Variables, and Network Variables through the Resource Viewer.

  • Real-Time Troubleshooting

    Easily troubleshoot your application in real-time through live-debugging that shows block input and output values of the code being executed. Watch List to monitor specific process variables to detect anomalies as they occur. Real-time error checking identifies programming errors during program sequence creation. Quickly locate coding errors in a large project by double-clicking on an error in the Error List.

  • Integrated Toolbox

    Supplied toolbox includes more than 100 predefined functions split into many categories including HVAC, Comparators, Logic, Math, Time, Custom, and Inputs & Outputs among others to simplify programming and reduce programming time. Complete jobs faster and simplify field support with the Toolbox Builder by providing technicians with tested, non-modifiable, application-specific blocks that are known to work

  • Configuration Assistant

    Create a configuration user-interface to your EC-gfxProgram code that allows a user to select software operating modes and options, for example, to make a programmable controller behave as a configurable controller. The Configuration Assistant standardizes and simplifies system integration without onsite programming. The controller’s EC-gfxProgram code can be password protected to keep users from modifying the controller’s programming.

  • Built-in Schedule Configuration

    Configure ECB and ECL Series controller’s built-in schedules and holidays directly from within EC-gfxProgram with EC‑Schedule, an easy-to-use point, drag, and click interface. It features a weekly schedule for regular, repeating, events by “time-of-day” and “day-ofweek”, while a holiday schedule is available to define events for specific days. Schedule your system’s start/stop period or use it as a back-up to the centralized scheduling device in case of network communication failure.

Resources Configuration

Resource configuration window supports batch object configuration. View the resources tree, select multiple objects, and change the shared parameters of all the selected objects all at once.

  • For use with EC-NetAX, or standalone (LNS, BACnet, ECLYPSE BACnet/IP)
  • Provides an intuitive and customizable block-oriented programming environment
  • Complete with gfxApplications, an extensive library of pre-engineered, energy-efficient HVAC applications
  • Supplied toolbox includes more than 100 pre-defined functions including HVAC, Comparators, Logic, Math, Time, Input/Output, among others, to simplify programming and reduce programming time
  • Create your own standard code libraries and toolboxes from previously used code or code sections to save programming time
  • Features a step-by-step Configuration Assistant to facilitate custom programming, simplifying onsite installation and commissioning
  • Supports large deployments with multiple device code downloading
  • Easily troubleshoot your application in real-time through live-debugging and a Watch List to monitor specific process variables and detect errors as they occur
  • Codes and projects created for ECL LONWORKS, ECB BACnet or ECLYPSE Series controllers can be “ported” or “converted” to be re-used on all your projects, regardless of protocol or product series.