The EC-BOS-3AX is a compact, embedded controller/server platform. It combines integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management functions with Internet connectivity and web serving capabilities in a small, compact platform. The EC-BOS-3AX makes it possible to control and manage external devices over the Internet and present real time information to users in web-based graphical views.


Key Features and Specifications

The EC-BOS-3AX is part of the EC-NetAX™ suite of Java-based controller/server products, software applications and tools, which are designed to integrate a variety of devices and protocols into unified, distributed systems.

EC-NetAX products are powered by the NiagaraAX Framework®, the industry’s first software technology designed to integrate diverse systems and devices into a seamless system. EC-NetAX supports a wide range of protocols including LonWorks™, BACnet™, and Internet standards. EC-NetAX also includes integrated network management tools to support the design, configuration, installation and maintenance of interoperable networks.


  • Ideal for smaller facilities, remote sites, and for distributing control and monitoring throughout large facilities.
  • Supports a wide range of field buses for connection to remote I/O and stand-alone controllers.
  • Serves data and rich graphical displays to a standard web browser via an Ethernet LAN or remotely over the Internet. In larger facilities, multi-building applications and large-scale control system integrations, the EC-NetAX Supervisor software can be used to aggregate information (real-time data, history, alarms, etc.) from large numbers of EC-BOSAX devices into a single unified application.
  • Using EC-NetAX Supervisor, you can manage global control functions, support data passing over multiple networks, connect to enterprise level software applications, and host multiple, simultaneous client workstations connected over the local network or internet.


  • Supports open and legacy protocols
  • Web User interface (optional) serves rich graphical presentations for easier and more user-friendly control of control system integrations.
  • Integral energy management routines
  • Run stand-alone control, energy management and integration applications.
  • Supports two optional communications boards.
  • Small compact design is easy to install and supports multiple power options
  • Optional I/O Modules
  • Data Recovery Services prevents data loss during power interruptions.
  • Includes oBIX client/server and Niagara Network (Fox) client/server drivers
  • BTL listed when BACnet driver is used. Complies with B-BC (BACnet Building Controller).